Were all Evil

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

As Nick Bates plummeted to his death his life flashed before his eyes time seemed to stop as how he had dropped off the cliff edge came flooding back to him.

Nick arrived at the crime scene around 10:00am he pull up and lazily climb out of the big 4 wheel drive he owned, he could see the legs and bare feet of a young girl it wasn't till he got along side the body he noticed the head and body had been recently divorced he moved closer to Jim Knight the police pathologist.

Do you think its a trial separation?” Nick joked with a dry laugh.

I'm glad you could join us, I have been here an hour” Jim replied as he carried on examined the body.

What have we got here?” Nick already knew the answer he was just praying he was wrong.

Young woman aged around 23, blond with blue eyes she had been hit on the head with that blood stained rock, she is missing her shoes we have searched the whole area and nothing, there is no sign of sexual abuse and looking at the head and body she was unconscious when the monster decapitated her.

How do you know that? and do you have any ideas on the murder weapon?” Nick inquired.

The wound is way to clean if she had been struggling it would have been one big mess, and as for the murder weapon in my experience I am 100% sure its a wood cutting saw but the strange thing is the blade must have been white hot”.

Nick cut across him “Let me guess the wound was cauterised”

You always steal my thunder Bates” Jim barked in a dejected tone.

Nick knew all his fears had been legitimate, this is the cold calculated work of the beast the familiar feeling of anger and hate started to rise from his gut.

As Nick drove to the police station he felt the familiar thirst he got when he was angry the anger came from remembering the first victim of the beast it was almost 10 years to the day, he looked up at the picture of his wife.

I'm so sorry, he is still out there”.

He opened his glove compartment and reached inside for his whiskey bottle he grappled with the screw cap with has teeth till it fell in between the seats.


The cap was soon forgot as he felt the fiery liquid flow down his throat, After the death of his wife Nick's raging hate for humanity triggered a change in his mind, his only friend was death and he prayed every drunken moment that his friend would visit him soon.


He sat at his desk and looked around everything was a haze the whiskey was doing its job, he couldn't really remember how he got to his desk.

NICK my office now” Captain Harry Breeze roared.

What's up Cap” He slurred.

You are Nick your drunk again, your a good cop but your to unstable your a danger to yourself and anyone that works with you I have been forced to suspend you”

Nick tried to protest but couldn't form a coherent sentence.

Badge and gun Nick, I will get Tim to drive you home”

Make sure you get him into his flat” Harry instructed.

Nick woke up with a thumping headache he sat up and realised he had been led on his bed fully clothed the last thing he could remember was getting into the police car, he looked at the clock beside his bed it was flashing 12:00 the electric must of gone out when he was sleeping it was dark outside so it was late, he noticed a piece of paper on his floor as he stooped to pick it up he could see there was blood on it he unfolded it slowly the writing was scored in blood, Beasts Cliff at midnight come alone or more will die The Beast, was the message. Nick knew it was a trap but had to go he checked his wrist watch it was 11:30 he had half hour to get to Beasts Cliff he grabbed his helmet jumped on his bike and roared off.

He thought about how the locals had renamed the cliffs from lookout point to Beasts Cliff after the beast killed his first victim my wife there.

He got to the top of the cliffs with minutes to spare, the sight that met him made his blood boil and made him fell sick at the same time led on the grass at the edge of the cliff was all of the victims shoes all nine pairs in order of death, Nick soon snapped out of his angry daze he could feel that he was not alone on the cliff the beast was here.

I know your here, it ends tonight”

I have always been near you, watching your every move kept me one step ahead of you” the voice replied mockingly.

Nick started to franticly look for the source of the voice.

Captain Harry came out of the Shadows.

Freeze” he shouted

Nick was relieved to see his captain had the beast in his sights and started walking toward the captain.

Freeze or I will shoot” the captain shouted again

Nick kept walking forward trying hard to see who the gun was aiming at.

BANG echoed the gun shot.

Nick felt an agonising pain as the bullet ripped through his shoulder the shot forced him on to the cliff edge he continued to stagger back till he was falling through the air as he fell everything came flooding back to him all the faces of the murdered girls spun in his head as he hit the rocks with the last of his strength he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wife's photo he looked at it and smiled.

The beast is dead” he hissed with his last breath.

Submitted: March 30, 2012

© Copyright 2021 RedDragon. All rights reserved.

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O0MMGG:0 cruel beast!!
Excellent piece! Realy kept h0ld of my attenti0n til the last line!!
G0od WorK,
KEeP writinG~

Fri, March 30th, 2012 6:21pm

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