Chicken Vs. Egg: An In-Depth Annoyance.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Riddles  |  House: Booksie Classic
I will impart MY views on the 'What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?' Theory.

Submitted: March 28, 2010

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Submitted: March 28, 2010




I understand the Chicken Vs Egg argument may have died out a long time ago and most people might not even care anymore but, i wanted to get this written down or typed up, turns out typing is faster...

Also, i have horrible hadnwriting.

I'll start by saying that the argument was initially a pretty good conversation and debate starter but, after thinking about it more than any sane person should i discovered there are several MASSIVE holes to either side of the argument.

First of all, if we take the statement as is, Chicken or Egg, which came first.

Then obviously it's Egg, that's just common sense.

Dinosaurs laid eggs. Other animals laid eggs.

IT doens't define what kind of egg is apparently coming before the Chicken.

Now if it said what came first, the Chicken or The chicken Egg.

Obviously, without any shadow of a doubt, the answer is Chicken, for how can a CHICKEN egg exist without a chicken?

Eggsactly. Sorry, i just had to put that in there... Couldn't resist.

Anyway, now we move to the Chicken aspect of the argument.

Like i said before, chickens that we know of now weren't around as long ago as other animals that laid eggs.

Dinosaurs, for example.

BUT, on the contrary we, or as far as i know, don't know if the ancestral equivalent to a 'modern' chicken existed before the dinosaurs, in which case the chicken would have come before the egg.

If the ancestral chicken wasn't born from an egg in the first place, that is...

Now, back to the subject of the pre-chicken.

If we are asking if the 'modern' chicken came before the 'modern' egg then we would get. Chicken, as chickens lay the eggs we eat. Unless you eat turtle eggs... You bastards...

But if you're defining chicken as the earliest chicken ancestor then you could just as easily say that the chicken came first.

There is no definite answer to 'Chicken or Egg, which came first?' as there is no reference as to what egg or what chicken, you could go back thousands of years to find the earliest of each.

Unless you specify what you think came first, E.G. Velociraptor Egg V Chicken, then Wingéd bird of clawed death would win.

Chicken Egg V Primordial Chicken Ancestor = Old Chicken Thing wins, as it's older than our modern eggs.


I'm done now, i understand that most of this will make no sense whatsoever but i was typing this at half 1 in the morning and i haven't done much apart from star at this screen for a long time.

I think i may have dropped a few IQ points...

I'm isn't sure almost.......

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