Poetic vomit of a 17 year old: Orange

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This is a poem I wrote in 1999 when I was 17. I found it difficult to write down what I was going through at that time. Each colour in this poem represents a different emotion / state. Eg: red signifies love, passion and blood at different points in the poem.

See if you can unravel the riddle of the other colours. I would be intrigued to hear your interpretations of the poem...

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



I used to feel orangebut now I’m just black,

Before I was black I bled redwhere you stabbed me.

If I don’t go red soon I’ll know that I’m green;

Green and growing.

Growing from the time you made me feel orange

And I made you feel red.

Now I’m turning purpleand talking in rhymes,

But I want to feel pink

And then orange


You used to be red but now you’re black too,

Before you were black you were a strange shade of yellow;

Yellow because you thought I’d go blue.

But what you don’t know is that I might be green.

You think that I’m orange and I’m trying my best,

But I’m yellow as well because there’s no red.

We need to stay calm because I shouldn’t be green,

So first we’ll go pink

And then orange


I know that you’re whiteand I’m yellow and young,

I want to see redbut I know you’ll be gone,

It’s not your fault that I’m growing and green.

I wish I could hold you and make you feel red;

The red that you came from, the red I once knew.

But it’s hard when I’m yellow,

Yellow and blue.

I just want to be pink

And then orange


I thought I was green, but it was just yellow,

Created from blue, which means there’s no white;

The white from the red from the orangebefore.

But the red’s got lost and the colours have smudged,

Perhaps it turned purple; merged with the black,

Black which is fading,

Warming with time.

Changing to pink

And then orange?


Written in 1999, aged 17

© Copyright 2018 Redelfin. All rights reserved.

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