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After you're gone . I'm left with the darkness . Can ever see light again ?

Submitted: June 21, 2012

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Submitted: June 21, 2012



The wind whistled into my ears as

I was standing under a spot light on a train station .

I've waited for three god damn hours

with swollen eyes,

while beads of tears were rolling down my cheeks .

Dozens of trains came and went

but you weren't at sight .

I wiped the tears off my face

and slowly closed my eyes .

The first thing i saw was ,


The moment when we took our first

photo together .

It was beautiful . The laughter ,

the joy .

It was just gone too soon

Reality slapped me on my face .

I opened my eyes .

A gust of wind blew , it could almost dent

the balls of my eye .

Another train left the station .

I dragged myself out of the station ,

out of the underpass which actually means ,

me dragging my self back to reality .

The flashing lights in the streets with

the magnificent mixtures of colours

may seemed like I'd finally see light again ,

but no .

I'm walking in darkness all over again ,

ever since you're gone .

I covered almost all my body parts before i visited you .

You laying down on the hospital bed,

not moving a muscle .

covered with a white sheet blanket .

As if you were dead

It was so silent , that I could hear my heartbeat

and the silence was killing me .

I felt like an Insane woman

waiting for you at the train station ,

for three god damn hours

and there you are in the hospital laying dead

I just didn'twannabelieve you're dead

Yet , reality slaps me again

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