sable blood

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
the poem is about an experience that i had with a girl !

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



sable blood

 by Redouan Bouita


At the dusk, discerned to me a shadow 

Coming from the gray easter twilight 

Jostling through the fog 

Walking soothingly with no row 

Upright as white knight 

fighting for Angus og

owns no sword,shield,nor bow 

Owns only a wax light 

Whispering to that fog

When does the darkness turn to light ? .







Yet, it's never changed the night 



The wet breeze osulates a callow,

Impeccable, pure, sinless, white;

Dallies his feelings and lets them outgrow 

With confidence, he is not contrite 

He matches her with snow ,


Yet he's never known! 



At the noon,the murk dissipated 

My true-hearted put bane in my ade 


As a snake snakes & lurks with


Glance to coerce me or make me frayed ! 

With the snake bite I was mazed 

I, as a tree, surrounded by wind, swayed

I thought in the deep I can wade 

I've never thought she's a jade 

if only I had had a blade 

If only I had had a spade

To kill, inhume and make burial parade 

Because I loved, I made .



Yes he'd never known 



The beloved osculates a callow;

And inscribes a flesh-wound from cheek to brow 

Vowes him in other site ;

There is more tomorrow 

From the twelfth night to the last night

She'll ignit

Any glade mallow 


and i'm here

With my tear 

Struggling that poison 

Experiencing that treason 

And, all what i possess,

to stop living in darkness 

since the light lifted the viel that clings about the shadow's noblesse.

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