Left on Sanity (Prologue)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Enters Lindy, a Secondary 3 girl who has a really bad case of anger management. While having an excuse of earning a black belt in taekwondo at the age of 10, she soon finds herself being expelled in every school she enrolls to.

Having had enough of this, Lindy decided to take this responsibility into her own hands. Her life motto? Doing one good deed, one step at a time.

This story will deal with serious issues such as drug addiction, suicide, premarital sex, insanity, today's pop culture and more. Just take the situations likely in here, it's meant to be funny. Treat all the jokes here in a pinch of salt, as well as its sarcasm.

Note: This is only the prologue. Novel version of the story will come the moment I'm done with it.


It's my first day in my new school, but why can't I be home-schooled in the first place?

No, it's not because I was expelled from my previous school or anything. Dad had a new job on the other side of the red dot and trying to save up on fuel and travelling time, my family decided to move in here, in a small neighbourhood. My parents preferred quiet places, the best environment for us kids to do well in our examinations.

Looks like I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Lindy, 15 this coming June and it's my first day of school. Did I said that twice? I knew I have a bad feeling the moment I entered the school gates.

Let me tell you my little secret. Okay, it's not so little, like what my younger sister Lilly would say.

I have bad anger management issues.

To tell you the truth, I have no idea what's got into me. Whenever I felt frustrated or feeling tight in my chest, I snapped. Real hard, to be brutally honest.

I kicked my Math teacher's crotch in Primary 2. Fortunately for me I was given a yellow card on this one. Math wasn't one of my best subjects in school.
If you think this is child's play, the rest of it will be much worse than you can ever imagine. Beat the principal up using a normal wooden ruler (You know, the wooden ruler that hangs around on top of the whiteboard?) in Primary 4. I was expelled that very day. Poured paint and kicked the school dentist in her teeth in Primary 5. But it was an accident. A really bad one since I'm going after a bunch of bullies who has been harassing me for being such a 'dork' or a 'teacher's pet' in class.

I was pretty lucky that my parents are the lenient type. They are more concerned with work, leaving me to take care of my younger siblings Lilly and Charlie at home. Oh, I'm such a great sister.

"If you aren't going to change for the better by the end of your Primary School Leaving Examinations or Ordinary Levels, it seems that we have to pay the asylum a visit." I can never forget those words my principal (Yes, the same principal I beaten up earlier on) has spoken. Change, or get changed.

Okay, that was a stupid joke.

Fortunately I have Johnny on my side. He was being bullied by several ruffians in his first day of his secondary school life. Who knows that my bad anger management issues comes in handy for him. We became close friends after beating them up to a pulp, crying for their dear mummies soon after.

He's a lot smarter than I am. You can think of him as the stereotypical bookworm type, he doesn't mind others having this sort of image in their heads.
But to be frank, he was the one who inspired me to change my rowdy attitude for the better.

"I'll help you with that. You can count on me."

It was one tear jerking moment. I'm sort of like the loner in my entire schoo life, all because of it.
My life motto from now on: Making one good deed, one step at a time.


To be continued...

EDIT: Thank Ben Walker for the grammatical error.

Submitted: May 01, 2010

© Copyright 2021 RedP. All rights reserved.

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Ben Walker

Cool story very funny. "Poured paint and kicked the school dentist at her teeth in Primary 5" Hmm not sure but maybe instead of (at) you could put (in) it might sound better? i can't wait to see how she'll act in this school. Keep up the great work.

Sat, May 1st, 2010 10:24pm

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