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Ever since the murder of Annabelle's mother, her father has been working long hours, causing him to consume a massive amount of alcohol (he is a dangerous drunk). This is a scene where she finally gets her freedom away from her father.

Submitted: May 14, 2014

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Submitted: May 14, 2014



I hear his heavy breathing in the never ending darkness, his teeth grit as if he is sharpening them. I am backed up in a corner, squeezing my eyes as hard as I could, ready to be slaughtered. After a mere minute that felt like an eternity, the man scrapes his feet on the floor.
I brace myself for the charge but it never happened. He just...stands there as I take hold of the wall, making my way over to any possible doorway or entryway where I can escape.
As I am doing so, I can hear the man scream out, "Don't you dare try to escape from me!"
His yell sent my body in shock until my hand slips from in front of me. I found the doorway. I run into the room and immediately shut the door behind me, locking it.
I put my back against the door. I can feel the vibrations of his furious footsteps. All of a sudden there is silence...after a few seconds, there is an extremely loud banging on the door. I stay by the door even though my body is shaking rapidly not only by his constant banging but my fear.
"Annabelle! Open up!" His voice makes me shiver as I can clearly hear his anger in his voice.
I keep silent hoping he will get exhausted. I'm sure the alcohol doesn't help either.
His voice numbs down, it becomes cracked as if he is about to cry, "Annabelle...daddy needs his daughter by his side...please, sweetie, open up."
I slide down the door and pull my knees together, up to my chest. I try to stop the invasion of my tears but they escape, sliding down my warm cheeks. He always does this when he works the long hours five days a week, engulfs himself in alcohol, getting angry, coming after me. This happened after mom died too...I can't believe he got away with it
"Honey..." His voice begins to raise again, "Let me in! Let me in now!"
I cup my ears with my hands. I look up and see the phone hanging on the wall. Making sure the door's lock is good, I get up and go for the phone, dialing the police.
"9-1-1 what's your emergency?"
My voice is dry as I softly spoke, "My...My dad...he's...outside the door..."
"I have sent dispatchers your way. Has he physically hurt you?"
The tears roll, "Not Yet."
Right then, the door busts open and I drop the phone and let it hit the floor. He wrapped his calloused hands around my throat as he slams me against the walls. Dirt splashed across his face. He punches his teeth together, "What have I told you about calling someone?!" He squeezes tighter.
Tears constantly rolls down my face as he throws me on the counter. A shooting pain grows in my back when he pushed me. I can hear sirens outside the house.
He grabs hold of my neck again, "Damn you, brat!" He slaps me across my face, as hard as he could then reaches over to grab a kitchen knife in the drawer in the counter.
I plead to him, "No! No, please!"
He twists his neck as he inches the knife towards my face, "You have been a bad girl, Annabelle."
There is a loud crash coming from the mudroom. Right when he places the tip on my cheek, five or six policemen have their guns out, ready to shoot if necessary. One of the policemen calls out, "Stop, put down the weapon, turn around, and put your hands up."
He snickers as he spins me around so I'm in front of him, a human shield. My heartbeat becomes rapid. The policemen kept up their guard as he says, "One step and I'll slit her throat." He pulls back my hair, aiming the blade right under my chin. I can feel the coldness of the metal touch my flesh.
One of the policemen acts out and nearly shoots him, misses him by a hair. The policeman means business, showing he has sharp aim.
I shut my eyes as the man puts pressure onto the blade. As it pierces through my skin, I can feel complete pain shoot up to my brain.
A shot bursts the silence. The man staggers and lets me go. I fall to the ground gasping for air but as I reach for my neck, some paramedics came right over to me and places me on a gurney. My vision fades and now all I can see is darkness.
Finally, there is a light shining in front of me. What I realize is that the light is in a human shape, a woman's shape. She stretches her arms out towards me but I cannot see who she is until I touch her hand with's my mother.
She pulls me close to her so I can lay my head on her shoulder. I feel her warmth as she places her fingers gently between the strands of my hair.
"Welcome home, Annabelle."
I finally cannot feel anymore pain. I have my freedom.

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