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Tess Morgan, a beautiful sensational woman,innocent suddenly her life comes to a halt as she comes face to face with a psychopath.

Mac,so devilishly gorgeous, Obsessed by beautiful women, will Tess Morgan be his next victim?

Sergeant Josh, the best cop in town is out to solve the case,will he be able to rescue her?

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012




It was dark, the skies looked threatening as though something ominous was about to happen, the wind howled silently as though some disaster was on the way. Tess Morgan was oblivious to all this as she hurriedly compiled her worksheets, Her brown hair falling over her face, as she chewed her lip in concentration, totally unaware how enchanting she looked.

‘Time to call it a day,’ she muttered to herself. Suddenly feeling hunger pangs,

She longingly recalled the chicken salad she had at the Palace Hotel with some clients. She decided to grab a pizza from the pizzeria on her way home, the thought cheered her up.

Tess frowned as she looked around, everyone had gone home, and she was alone. The eerie silence unnerved her, It made her feel uneasy, ‘Tess, I think you are going soft in the head,’ she chided herself. It was so unlike her to be afraid.

'Jones, are you there?’ she called out to the guard, not getting any response she

quickly hurried on toward the parking area, she shivered involuntarily as the cold

bit her. She couldn’t wait to get back to her flat where a hot bath was waiting for

her. She decided to watch an old movie which was one of her favorites.

She spotted her Red Sedan standing proudly; she simply loved her car,

Singing softly, she unlocked the car and settled herself in. Suddenly she noticed

from the rear view mirror, a pair of brown eyes stared at her, Her body went

numb in fear, Before she could utter a sound, something hit her head and

everything went black.

The pain was unbearable, Tess groaned as she tried to open her eyes her head

hammering. She felt sick and nausea tic and had an overwhelming urge to throw up.

'Morning lady, I hope you slept well,' a soft voice said, startling her.

'Who is it?', whispered Tess barely managing a croaking sound.

'Don’t worry your pretty little head as to who i am, you are just as beautiful as

I had thought. Truly a diva, soft, sensual...the perfect woman,'

he said. 'What do you want from me?', cried Tess, ' why have you brought me

here, what on earth have I done to you,' she cried hysterically.

'Shh... don’t shout, or else..,' he said meaningfully, ' now just be good

and do as I say', he said. with that he shut the door and left. She heard the lock

turn. She had barely managed to see him, she felt lousy and sick. Her heart

hammered with fear as she wondered what was going on.

Closing her eyes, she whispered a prayer,’ God please save me,' with that she

drifted to sleep.

Chapter 2

Sergeant Josh was sitting on his desk, chewing on a pen, his legs swinging to

and fro, the telephone ring startled him,' Sergeant Josh here,' he growled,'how

can I help you?. He was in one of his dark moods.

‘ Aye sir, am calling from Charlie accountancy firm, Lame street, there has

beena mugging, Jones the guard is in a critical condition.,’ Said a frantic


‘Sergeant Andrew, he called out to his long time partner and best friend,

‘you are going to love this, another mugging at lame street, we better go and


Sergeant Andrew groaned unhappily, ‘ Just when I have promised Amy a

grand lunch, one of these days she’s really going to leave so she threatens,

Josh eyed him cockily, knowing very well, Andrew loved his job and he

was goodat what he did. They hurried along.

There was a huge crowd there, everyone talking in hushed voices. A thin bald

man came out to meet them.’ Its Jones the guard, sir,' he uttered. ‘We found

him tied in the garage, it seems he was hit with something, he’s bleeding and

all.The ambulance is here to take him.' he said leading them to the garage.

'It looks like someone had a grudge on the poor fellow,' said Sergeant

Andrew. There was a huge pool of blood. and vomit. The smell was


'Kiles, Mr. Charlie’s driver found him in the garage today in the morning.

'I would like to meet Kiles', said Sergeant Josh as he narrowed his eyes.

'Andrew,' he said quietly ' I don’t think this is the normal mug kind of scene. I

smell something here. Just search the whole area, fingerprints or anything we

can find will be useful', in the meantime we have to wait for this Jones guy to

be better.' It might be someone whom he may have had a tiff with.'

Sergeant Andrew got down working in the meantime Sergeant Josh chatted

withthe staff perhaps anyone could have seen anything or so.

He talked to one of the secretaries named Rose, ' I was here till 6.45 pm last

evening. The only person left was Tess Morgan, our firms accountant, she

was too busy working when I popped in to say bye, but she was too

engrossed in her work to hear me so I left' said she.

'Ms Rose, I would like to meet Ms Morgan, please,' said Sergeant Josh.

‘Ye she’s usually here by eight in the morning but it seems she hasn’t turned

up today. Old Charlie is frantic, it’s not normal for Tess not to turn up for work

and her phone is not reachable.

Josh frowned,’ Was there any problem between Ms Morgan and the guard?

He inquired. ‘No, Ms Tess is sweet and gentle as a dove, I don’t think so.’ the

secretary replied.

Josh had a feeling about this case. It was not as simple as it looked.

Sergeant Josh was the best they had in town and he had a knack of doing

things. He usually had intuitions which helped him solve his cases. There

were hardly any he hadn’t solved, just one or two which gave him sleepless


One was on a drug bust he had managed to get the top guy involved and

another was a murder of a successful lawyer. She had been found brutally

murdered and all tied up. Her body had been dumped at the garbage centre.

It was all a mess and horrific. There was certainly a sick person roaming


Sergeant Josh gave a sigh, as he decided to leave and come back later to

talk to Ms Tess Morgan.

He later went to the office and made reports on some other cases but his

mind kept on coming back to the mornings case.’ Why would anyone smash

up a guy, tie him up and lock him, surely, there was no robbery involved ,

People went crazy these days he thought to himself.

The phone interrupted his thoughts as he stretched to grab the black

receiver,’ hello, Josh here,' He said ' Josh, we searched the whole building,

we got talking to some people, near the driveway , just at about one spot

we found lots of cigarette ashes, it looks someone spent the whole day

busting his chest. It seems A Ms Tess Morgan is missing.

Mr. Charlie went to her flat to find it empty, the doorman says that apparently

she hasn’t come home since last night.

This Jones guy has lost a lot of blood but he’s coming around, i just called the

hospital it seems he just regained consciousness.

If there is anything will let you know, said Andrew.

'Good job, Andy, i am going to

the Victoria Hospital, see if i can get anything from the Jones fellow.' Said

Sergeant Josh. “Go easy on him,' laughed Andrew as he called off.

Andrew is the best, thought Josh fondly to himself. They had been working

for years together, they were more like brothers than colleagues.

Andrew with his chocolate boy looks, managed to charm everyone and Josh

with his intuitions and deep insight, they surely made a fine pair.


Startled, Tess woke up. She didn’t know how long she had been sleeping,

brown eyes staring back at her probing, making her feel uncomfortable.' I got

you some food, clothes and some necessities, please go freshen up

whereas i make tea for you,' he said

He did not look as threatening as he had before, Tess reluctantly stood up.

She knew she had to get out of here, and for that she needed strength. she

didn’t know how but she just had to.

She took the stuff he offered her and locked herself in the bathroom. It was an

old wooden kind, shabby full of cobwebs. It looked as though it had hardly

been used.

She quickly turned on the squeaky tap and splashed the cold water in her

face. Now that felt really good. Looking through the stuff she found an old pair

of jeans and shirt which she quickly put on after the cold shower she took. She

longingly thought of the hot shower she had decided to take, what a terrible

twist of fate.

He was stirring the tea when she came out. He stared at her, he continued

stirring without looking away. That made her really uncomfortable. 'Hmm,' she

cleared her throat, that seemed to work as though it broke his trance and he

looked away.

He pointed at the toasted bread, tea and offered her. she took it without a

word, her stomach grumbled with hunger. They ate in silence the only sound

was of the mouths munching.

Tess looked around her, for the first time noticing the shabby room, the little

wooden bunk she slept on, a tiny old cupboard with cracks all over and a

small tiny window.

'Don’t even think of it, he warned as his eyes followed hers, noticing that she

was staring at the window, ' you wont get anywhere'.

Tess suddenly felt resentment rising up her chest and snapped in anger,' you

have no right to imprison me, what do you want from me, at least

tell me that, i have a right to know! At least tell me who you are.'

He smiled as he brought his head close to hers.’ Mac'. With that he left.

Tess was perplexed. ‘If he had brought me here with the intent to steal or kill

he would have done so before, but why,' she lamented.

She had to think of a plan quick to get out of here. She had no track of how

long she had been here, Probably Old Charlie, her boss, had informed the

police and was looking for her all over, that thought reassured her.

.Hours and hours passed before he came back again, it seemed like an


This time she was determined to know.

She folded her arms squarely and asked him, ' Mac! We can work it out, tell

me your price, I shall pay it but just let me out, i swear I wont squeal to the

police, but just let me go, I want my freedom.

He looked at her and grinned, ' You won’t get that easy lady, you might have to

pay a very big price for it.'

What is it,' she said, i am willing to pay any price just name it.' she replied

thinking of her savings account. She hadn’t got much but she would give it all

to him, she would probably have to start from scrap but that didn’t matter, all

shewanted was her freedom.

Mac smiled he got up, he pinned her arms to her back and whispered in her

ear,'its you i want,' his words caressing her cheek.

She trembled, but not with fear, she suddenly became aware of his rugged

tanned face, his built muscles and his probing eyes.

She gasped for air as he held her by her hair, ' please don’t...,' she


' Please don’t..', he mimicked, laughing loudly. he grabbed her and shoved

her to the floor.

She didn’t know how long she had sat crying, her arm hurt. Her head spinned.

She felt numb.

He did not come back again; he had left her some food which she barely ate.

Whole dozenful thoughts ran into her mind. She had to do something, she

thought desperately.

She had tried breaking the door, banging and shouting but to no avail. It

seemed that he had brought her in some isolated place.

The only constant sound she heard was whooshing of the wind, and

the ebb of the tide. 'There must be sea somewhere here,’ she muttered to

herself. ‘Help me someone,' please she thought desperately.


Jones was sitting up in his bed when Sergeant Josh came in. Hello, this is

Sergeant Josh,' he drawled. Jones looked pale and tired as if he was

thousand years old.

‘Everything was just normal that day; I was walking around the building, when

suddenly I see this guy sitting on the driveway, just hidden behind

the cars. I went up to him and inquired as to what he was doing. He just sat

and grinned. ‘Am waiting for someone he had said, There was something

devilish about the way he had said and after that he burst into laughter.

Feeling uneasy about it I demanded to know whom he was waiting for,

I told him it was against the rules to have anybody lurking around,

There was something mean about the guy; suddenly he had exclaimed ‘there

he is, when I turned round to look, I felt something hit my head, I fell down all I

knew was that I was dying.

'Could you probably remembered how this fellow looked?,' inquired Josh

frowning. 'Ms Morgan is missing. It seems this guy had something to do with

it but we are not too sure about it, Ms Morgan’s sudden disappearance and

you being hit, could it be anything less than a coincidence?, now that remains

to be seen,

‘Oh no, Jones exclaimed, I hope Ms Tess is alright,

Josh shrugged, we have to look into it, in the mean time our sketch guy will

be coming around, please give him the description of the guy. Every tiny

detail matters. So please try to remember. Now please rest, said Sergeant

Josh as he turned to leave.

There was something which Josh couldn’t put a finger to, he just felt it. In the

meantime he decided to go meet Andrew for a cup of coffee and discuss the

matter further.

Outside palace hotel the two shook hands as they entered inside. ‘So how’s

with you mate, Josh asked,' How’s Amy and the kids?'

he inquired,' all too good,' as she is busy organizing the new charity event for

the school.' They chatted about Andrews family for a while as they sipped

their coffee. ‘Josh, my friend, its time now that you find yourself a good

woman,' teased Andrew. Josh feigned surprise

and laughed out aloud. 'No Andrew no, first it was Amy on my back now she

has you after me, I am happy the way I am'.

As they turned to leave they called up to Pete and complimented him for

having the best coffee in town. Pete was pleased and thanked the two

gentleman profusely for their support. ‘Sergeant Josh, about the lawyer lady

Diana, have you found the murderer?, Pete asked solemnly.

'No Pete we are in a complete deadlock, still i understand she was one of

your customers, please do keep an eye if you hear anything, just let me

know.', Josh replied. ‘I understand there was a mugging case at Old Charlie’s

firm,' Pete asked. ‘Yeah, we are still working on that as well, A lady named

Tess Morgan is missing since then,’ answered Sergeant Josh.

'Oh goodness no,' exclaimed Pete in surprise,' She’s one of my regulars, on

that day, she was here for lunch with some of her clients,' he cried' a truly

beautiful woman, kind and always smiling,' good gracious no, ' Pete was

undoubtedly upset. Andrew and Josh exchanged glances, there was

something clearly wrong.

Ms Tess Morgan was certainly well liked


It was past midnight, when Tess heard the door close softly, this time she was

alert. He barged into the room. He had a rope in his hand. ‘Lie down,' he

ordered, Panic rose from within, ' what are you going to do,' she cried.

'I am going to do what I brought you here for, now shut up and lie down or you

are going to be sorry, he said menacingly.

'No, i wont do it, please let me go what have i done to you. Why are you doing

this to me, Please i beg you for God sake let me go.’ she whimpered.

He laughed,' that’s how I like them, at my mercy. You shall do as I say or you

shall die,'

He pinned her hands and tied them with the rope and her legs too. The rope

cut through her skin. 'No, please leave me alone,’ she begged.

Mac softly whistled, he removed his shirt, exposing his tattooed torso. He lay

down on top of her and started removing her top,

' No Mac please leave me alone, please don’t do it', she shouted. She

wouldn’tgive in so easily. She would fight him

He grabbed a handful of her hair, Tess screamed with pain. He slapped her

and kicked her in the stomach.

'Stupid woman,' he shouted. ‘You are all whores, you pretend not to like it but I

know you are enjoying it. You want me to do all those things to you, your body

is taunting me, begging me to devour it. I don’t want to be a sinner, its you

who are making me. It’s your fault. He started thumping his fists against the

wall.Tears running down his face, he narrated.

'She was a lawyer, smart and beautiful like you, her body called out to me. i

had seen her at the palace hotel where i go regularly. I know she wanted me

take her away from this bad world, so i kidnapped her when she was coming

out from home. I thought she would thank me but she fought me just like you

are doing, she called me names, she laughed at my face that stupid whore.

We were going to live happily just the both of us. she spoiled it, he sobbed. 'I

was heartbroken, she made me sin, I had to kill her'.

'Then last week i saw you at the palace hotel, it was as though you wanted to

berescued, your beautiful green eyes calling out to me. I knew I had to have

you.' I followed you till your office, i waited for you till night. I had to remove

your office guard from the way, so i hit him on the head, tied him and locked

him up in one of the garages.' he continued, ' now milady I shall protect you

from the worldand we shall be happy ever after, wont we?' he spoke as if he

was in a trance.

Tess was dumbfounded; she was clearly entrapped with a psycho. ‘Mac,

listen to me,' she said gently not wanting to anger him further.

‘What’s the point in hiding away, I can be yours, we can be together, but not in

this cabin, we shall have our beautiful house, why shall we hide?'

‘You mean it? Mac asked surprised, ' you mean you shall love me forever,' he

took Tess in his arms and started kissing her neck, her cheeks and her lips,

Tess closed her eyes, It just a matter of time, she had to come out of it alive,

She was willing to play this game.

If this was the price of her life so be it. ‘Mac she said softly, ' no not now, i

wantit to be it special together, when we are man and wife, not like this.

Please. Mac nodded, he was excited like a school boy.

‘Yes my love, anything for you'. he replied. He smiled, singing softly, he took

her in his arms and danced with her. Tess played along. 'Tess, come sit on

my laps,he said, She stood up obliging, He caressed her cheek, nibbled her

ear sending shivers down her spine. Slowly he whispered in her ear, ' don’t

play games with me Tess, ever, promise me.' With that he left her and as

usual bolted the door.


Smith stared at the sketch, “Wow, he whistled, this fellow is good looking,

He put his pencil on his ear, removed his spectacles and put it on the table.

He was clearly impressed with his work, ‘Josh is going to be a happy man, he

muttered to himself.

He sipped his coffee slowly, cherishing the moment. He picked up

thetelephone and dialed, ‘ come over mate I got for you something, he said


Josh managed to reach the office in ten minutes, he quickly rushed in, Smith

looked and smiled, ' We have it ready Josh, this might be your

man hopefully.'

The sketch was of a gorgeous guy, curls all over with brown eyes, he looked

like a movie star, ' Are you sure this is the description you got, this guy looks

like a movie star not a criminal,' Smith nodded and replied ' looks can be so

deceptive, if there’s anything we have learnt in our careers its this,' Josh

nodded in agreement. ‘Thank you Smith for a job well done,' and left.

He quickly called Andrew, ' come over to the palace hotel immediately, we

have got the sketch ready, I think there something connecting the lawyer and

Morgan’scase, I am on my way, Andrew took a deep breath ' Phew! I think

this one is going to be a long night, I will be there in ten minutes. he said.

Josh drove to the palace hotel which wasn’t too far, he settled in the corner of

the hotel from where he could see the entrance. He did not want to start his

investigations without Andrew. He waited impatiently drumming his fingers in

the table. Andrew rushed in looking flushed, he was breathing heavily, he was

clearly all to excited. He was clad in blue jeans and a black top. Without

saying a word,

Josh handed over the sketch to him, they understood the rules, that’s how they

worked together for all these years.

Andrew raised his eyebrows in astonishment; he was clearly impressed by

the sketch. 'Pete is the man, lets ask him,' said Andrew urgently. Josh quickly

shook his head in agreement,' Just as if by miracle they saw Pete coming on

their table. ' I got a call from old Charlie,

He’s really worried about Tess Morgan. The guy seems to be really fond of

her, takes her like a daughter,' said Josh.

Before Andrew could answer, Pete chanted, ' Hello gentlemen, I hope you are

okay, your orders already taken, I hope. Both men nodded.

'Pete, please join us, there is something which we would like to show you,'

said Josh silently.

‘Oh but sure,' Pete replied gleefully, knowing that there was something

exciting coming up his way.

Andrew removed the sketch and showed it to Pete. ‘Any idea who this fellow

is,’he asked. Pete stared at the sketch, ‘its Mister Mac, he regularly comes in

for his meals. He does odd jobs around; a quiet fellow keeps to himself

mostly.'Josh felt his heart skip a beat, 'Any idea where i can get him, Josh

asked keeping away the excitement out of his voice.

Pete shook his head. ' is he the guy?' asked Pete. ‘Might be may be not,'

replied Andrew. ‘Thanks Pete, you have been a great help, just in case any

time he comes in, would you please just give me a call? He said. ‘Sure, sure I

shall do that, Pete said as he walked away.

As both men walked out of the Palace Hotel, they came face to face, with the

man from sketch. He smiled at them, softly humming a song, with hands in the

pocket, he went on in.

Josh stood rooted to the ground, excitement gleaming in his eyes; he ran his

hand through his grayish hair, not aware of how ruggedly handsome he

looked. ‘Action time, mate,' he said urgently to Andrew. ‘Go over to him; try

making small talk, seeif you can get something, i shall wait here then we shall

follow him once he leaves,' explained Josh.

Andrew gave a salute in response grinning, went on inside. Josh found a

bench outside, pretended reading the paper.

He could see Andrew with his tray going over to the nearby table where this

Mac guy was sitted.

He pretended to eat and concentrate on his food. After a while he stood up

and went next to the Mac guy, he saw the frown on Mac' s face but Andrews

constant laugher and smooth talking relaxed him a bit. After some time, He

could see Mac standing up and shook his hand with Andrew and moved out.

Josh was alert; he hid his face behind the paper and pretended to read. Mac

with his hand in his pocket barely giving him a glance, walked away. He

crossed the road moving towards Mrs. Grey boutique, Josh was on the move

he knew Andrew was somewhere around keeping an eye just like him.

Mac emerged after some ten minutes or so, it seemed like an eternity of

waiting. he had a smug look on his face as he walked on, he looked round as

if to see if nobody was following him, and quickened his pace as he walked

straight aheadtowards the New Shopping Mall and quickly entered inside.

Josh had lost track of him, he tried to look for him but it was difficult as the

place was crowded, people were shopping for the holidays. Kids running all

over and the teenagers hanging out.

Josh decided to go towards the main door, probably he would see him when

he was coming out, He quickly called up Andrew,' Where are you, i am

outside the shopping mall and I have lost track of this guy, he said feeling

very angry with himself hoping that Andrew might still have an eye on him.

‘Damn,' Andrew sweared, ' I have also lost track of him, i had a small accident

justas i was coming out of the Palace Hotel. A kid riding a bicycle drove into

me, I think i have injured my rib. I am coming over' he said.

Josh threw his hand in frustration, ' we were so close, I think he knows we are

after him, i shall hang around see if I can find him, he growled.

He was sweating profusely, He jaws tightened almost into a scowl. He felt like

banging his hand into the walls. He must be around, where can he go he

thought anxiously. Andrew joined him in a while ' I talked to the guy, he is a

quiet sort. I noticed a tattoo on his torso. He didn’t say much, I told him I

wanted my plumbing down, but he refused saying that he was getting married

and didn’thave time, i asked for his cell phone and it seems he doesn’t own

one, '

Josh shook his head,' this fellow is no fool, i think he knows, we should have

arrested him there and then' I thought if we could keep up to him and he would

lead us directly to this Tess Morgan. We have screwed up,' he barked.

Andrew could see how distressed Josh was, they were so undoubtedly close.

They searched around the whole place but there was no trace of Mac.

Feelingdefeated they decided to go back to the office and dig up more stuff

on this Mac guy.


Mac was furious, he felt betrayed. He was mad with rage. She was just like

the others. She had to die; now he was too close being caught. Those two

sergeantsthought they were smart, he had outsmarted them, he had regularly

seen them at the Palace, chatting with the old inquisitive fool Pete, He was

lucky, he had taken a big risk and it paid off. He had rushed to the Men’s, he

was lucky no one was about. He quickly put on the dress which he had bought

for Tess, and came out. He would make a beautiful woman he thought,

smiling to himself.he had managed to walk past the cop, the poor bastard,

was so angry over the phone and didn’t notice him.

Mac walked towards the beach which was miles away from the town, feeling

the warm sand on his feet. ‘She must die, he thought sadly to himself. Still

clad in a dress, this was his secret place, his own world, he thought to himself,

Way back when he had come to this small town, Old Billy was the only friend

he had. When Old Billy died some time ago, he had moved in to his old


The house was old and required lots of mending, he had discovered a secret

door, there was a tunnel which he followed, He could not believe it what lay

before his eyes, there was a small island with virtually no habitat, an old

wooden cabin was all there was.

He felt safe, he had found his heaven where nobody would ever disturb him,

His mother, her constant barking, she was a beautiful woman but how she

had tormented him, the constant beatings. The drunkards who came visiting,

every night there was a new 'uncle'.

Macky she would say, ' this is uncle Tom, now will you please go up to your

room, we have business to discuss.

He would pretend to go but the ' voices' would not go away. Even if he had

tried to close his ears, the ' voices' tormented him. Then one day he had a

plan, he would fight the 'voices'. He waited till late night; he knew she would

be so drunk that she would barely be able to move. he had softly entered her

room, she was snoring and that had irritated him further. He tied up her legs,

and whenhe was tying up her arms, her eyes flew open. ‘is that you Mac, she

whimpered like a sick cow.

'whhat the hell.. ‘She cried, before she could say anything he had covered her

face with a pillow. He pressed and pressed. Like a caged bird she had

fought, he felt so good, so in power. Then he had removed his knife from his

pocket and stabbed her, He had kept on stabbing her, he had felt so good, so

much power.

It was an unusual feeling.

What a mess it was, blood oozing from her stomach. Her eyes had bulged

out, ‘Mommy, i am sorry mommy, I had to protect you from this world,' he had


Then the 'voices' had stopped. He felt at ease. He had to run and he had hitch

hiked to come to this town. he did odd jobs to survive. Then he had seen the

lawyer lady, she was so beautiful just like her, the 'voices' had started

tormenting him, he knew he had to protect her just like mommy. How she had

cried, fought, that one was a wild cat. He had felt at ease. Late night he had

carried her and thrown her at the garbage centre. Lucky for him the garbage

centre was not farfrom the beach.

His thoughts wondered back to Tess, anger boiled up again. 'She had been looking divine at the Palace hotel, how she had laughed with all those clients of hers, they were almost drooling for her. He knew he had to save her, protect her.

She had surprised him by her gentle ways, she did not fight him. She wanted

him, she had said so hadn’t she? ‘then why were the cops after him?' what

had he done? He was just saving her. She had to die because of the foolish


He quickly entered his cottage and headed off towards the tunnel, without

bothering to change, he was in a frenzy, a trance. He softly hummed,

caressing his knife with his finger tips. He slowly unbolted the door and


Chapter 8.

Josh asked Fran to run some back ground on this Mac guy, he sent Jim and

Hughes, his officers all over the town to see if they could come up to


Lack of action was make him feel impatient so he quickly called up Andrew to

see how he was feeling after the accident, he had come down with the flu.

‘Hello, he heard a chirpy voice said, ' Amy how good to talk to you,' he said

smiling. ‘HI, Josh, what are you up to these days, how come you aren’t coming

down home these days.?' Josh laughed and said ' I am busy running after a

few criminals, how’s Andrew doing?, how’s did your charity event come up

with by the way. he asked politely.' Oh, it was so great, we managed to raise

so much funds for the school, it was just great. Last minute there was some

problemwith the wiring, the mikes and the speakers wouldn’t work, Thomas

the electrician was out of town, we almost panicked, then one of the kids ran

of to call this odd job guy, and we manage to salvage the situation. Amy

chattered on.

' What did you say, Josh exclaimed, ' hmm Amy by any chance do you know

where this guy lives, he asked his heart pounding.' Umm i am not too sure but

Mrs. Fairley said many times she had seen him walking towards the beach,

She loves looking out from her terrace with her binoculars, she loves catching

people unawares. She had seen him once enter Old Billy’s cottage once. She

chattered loving the attention Josh was giving her, ' Amy .... Uhh... I have to

go..! With that he slammed the phone cradle down.

I love you Amy for this, he said. He quickly grabbed his jeep keys and drove

like a mad man. All thoughts of Andrew flying away from his head.

Josh was now certain that Mac had something to do with Tess Morgan’s

disappearance hope she is okay, he thought to himself, thinking of her

beautiful green eyes, the girl has something about her, he had seen her

picture, she had a smile on her face, hey eyes so innocent and naive, she was

so sensual. He had to save her. He couldn’t afford to fail. He thought both of

Diana and Tess,both were beauties, successful and had no families. He now

understood how Mac chose his prey; he should have seen the similarities


He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he saw the sharp razor wires too

late in the middle of the road, he swirled the jeep in an effort to avoid it, He

lost control of the car and banged into one of the trees.

For a few seconds, everything went numb, he saw the jeep was badly

damaged, he had cuts on his face and blood was oozing all over.

He was in shock. I have to get him he kept on muttering.

He was lucky his cell phone was unscratched and still working, he quickly

dialedthe office and briefly explained to Fran what had happened.

Asking her to send some officers towards the beach. He made the second

call to Andrew and also filled him in.

He managed to clean himself with his handkerchief. His mouth was parched

dry and his head was throbbing with pain.

He saw a white pick up coming, and raised his hands for help.

Chapter 9.

Mac slowly entered the cabin, he saw Tess lying on her bunk. sleep baby

sleep, Ihave come to put you to sleep.

He had a funny look about him; he felt calm and peace in his body. She

looked tired and exhausted. He went and lay beside her. Slowly running his

hand all over her body.

Tess went rigid at his touch. ‘Mac,' she said turning to face him. Stopping in

the mid sentence seeing him dressed up like a woman.

Shock was apparent in her face. ‘Yes baby what is it, he said, Macky is home.

come into my arms,' he said. She slowly walked towards him, panic swelling

up her chest, he looked different, almost scary. ‘He embraced her tightly

almost suffocating her

' Please you are suffocating me, she barely managed to say.

He never heard, he was busy nibbling her ear, his hands scratching her back,

his legs thrust between hers. Tears were flowing down her eyes but all he did

was to lick them, She felt dirty and used.

‘Mac, stop, please i thought i said after we get married,' she tried to say. ‘Shut

up ' he suddenly snarled. He suddenly covered his ears with his hands. ‘Stop!

stop! stop the damn voices, he began crying. He had entered into his own


Suddenly his eyes turned red, his mouth scowling, he grabbed her and started kissing her in the mouth, he cut her lips with his teeth, She cried in pain. She had to fight him. she pushed him hard with her hands and he fell. ‘Stupid cow,' he cursed.' you shall pay,'

He came towards and banged her head into the wall, he pushed and kicked

her stomach.

She lay there in the floor in the pool of blood. She knew she was going to die.

He started tying her up, she had no strength to resist.

' please God,' she silently prayed,' help me, if you really exist, help me.’

He put the knife near her cheek, and she felt its sharp tip dig her, she


Chapter 10.

It was just a matter of time, he would reach there, he thought, urging the kind driver who had stopped to help him, to drive faster.

As they reached there, he slammed the door open and ran towards the

cottage. The doors were open. It was dimly lit, very shabby,

Cobwebs hanging all over. With his gun in his hand, he called out, ' Mac, are

you there,?' but no response. Disappointment overcame him, possibly the

bastard has escaped. He decided to search all over maybe if he could get a

clue or so.

He entered the kitchen; dirty dishes were laying there, unmade bed, clothes

all over. Nothing there he said to himself, As he turned to leave,

he noticed a small door open just next to the kitchen cabinet, Secret door, he

wandered to himself.

He climbed down into the tunnel, following it to see where it reached, it was

dark, he lit a match stick for lit. He was excited; this could probably be the

lead. He reached up to the end of the tunnel and climbed out, what he saw

was unbelievable, an island, it looked abandoned, with no sign of life.

Suddenly he heard a scream.

His body went numb, looking around to see where the scream came from,

that’s when he saw the cabin. He quickly ran towards it. He could hear some

sort of struggling going on inside.

He had to do something, he looked around, and he saw a big rock lying

around. He slammed it into the door and forced it open.

What lay before his eye was unthinkable. He saw her on the floor badly injured

and tortured. His heart went out to her.

Mac was rooted to the spot. The knife in his hand fell down as he kneeled and

started sobbing.

In a spur of a moment, he picked his knife and stabbed into his stomach

before Josh could stop him.

His eyes bulged out, his tongue hung out of his mouth. He fell into the floor dead.

Josh bowed down to untie Tess, ' Thank you Angel, she whispered, with that

she slipped into unconsciousness.

What followed later was a dream, the officers came flooding in, the

ambulance was called, It was a madhouse.

Chapter 11.

Tess opened her eyes, she moaned in pain, her eyelids fluttering. ' Don’t

worry, you are going to be okay, she heard a drawl.

She smiled knowing she was safe. ‘You better rest and soon we shall have

you fit and trim,' and she drifted off to sleep once again.

Josh stood looking at her, feeling protective of her, he wanted her to be

alright, to know her, to find out all about her. Josh had never experienced such

strong feelings for any one before. He would there for her everyday till she got

better and then after, he thought to himself.

Tess woke up, her body still numb then she saw him sitted next to her. There

were flowers all over from well wishers. He looked tired.

He smiled when he saw her awake, ' Let me help you sit up,' he said. 'This is

Sergeant Josh, here.

Tess was overwhelmed with his kindness, tears flowing down,' i don’t know

how Ican ever thank you for saving my life. You are the angel God sent me, I

was praying and suddenly you were right there infront of me.

'It was a torture; i thought i was going to die.... 'She started her eyes filled with

tears. ' Shh.. shh, Josh whispered,' there is a lot of time for that later but first I

want you to get better,' ' I think I am falling in love with you Tess,' he said

holding her hand into his. ‘I know you don’t know anything about me, but there

isplenty of room for that, I just want you to know that I shall be on your side no

matter what,' Tess smiled and drifted of to sleep, thinking of her new



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