Girl Child

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A Voice of thousands of girl child's who silently endure the battering....

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



Please listen to me

It is me, the girl child.

I am not a curse

Don’t cry when you give birth to me

Instead hold your head high.


I can be a pride to you

If you let me be

I am no different than my brothers

I may not have strong arms like them

But my will and my heart is strong


Please let me go to school

Let me learn to read and write

Don’t set reigns on my feet

The world is beckoning to me…

I am not destined to the kitchen only.


Do you see that horizon in the sky?

I can be there if I choose to be.

A Teacher, Doctor or An engineer

You name it

I can make a difference if you let me.


Don’t marry me off to that toothless old man

He is old enough to be my grandfather

I know money is scarce but still..

Don’t clip my wings

I know I can soar high in the sky.


 Please listen to me

Do you hear the voice of crying?

It is of those hundreds of girl child’s

Battered by our men who are supposedly

our fathers, brothers, husbands or sons


Please open your eyes

I am living this life as much as you are

Don’t discriminate against me

I am no less than you are

I hold my head high – Yes I am the Girl Child!

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