Different Yes... but It's the Same in the End

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Just how i kind of see the world's difference

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013




You know it isn’t easy for everyone

There are many differences in this world

Gay. Straight. Bisexual. Transgender…

White. Black. Mexican. Arabic…

Rich. Poor. Smart. Foolish…

See the list just goes on and on

So far on that there seems to be no end at times


And then things like laws and acts come by

Drawing attention to the difference

The difference that people fear so much

The difference that brings many alike together at last

One side is against the difference

One side is for the difference that comes

And then there are those that just embrace it all


There is no judgment... no difference

It’s all the same in their eyes

Human, they're all human

So why turn your back when they need help

Why judge when they are just the same

No, everyone isn’t alike…everyone’s different

But why must your eyes be masked


Isn’t love the same for all

Why not just let the blindness go

Change, why must it be feared so much

Who would one be if there was no change

A society in which clones could live

No color or light. No fun or adventures.

All would be safe, known…but who would we be


We would be nothing more than machines

Following rules all the time

Programmed to act in a certain way

All because we are afraid

Yea there’s no one identical in this world

No matter how alike you might be

There’s always something different in the heart


So why judge those who are different now

Why judge the love in homosexuality

Why stare at an interracial couple as they walk by

Why hate those who come from afar

Could it be that you believe that you are not the same

Different from all the rest…I believe you aren’t the same

No matter how small the difference, you are different


Good…evil, I no longer know the difference

Humans hating who each other is

Protecting themselves from all the change

I no longer understand what we've become

Why can’t we just accept the change

No I’m not saying ignore the fear in you

Just ignore the one that blinds you from what is real


But then again what is real

Is it living in isolation from the world

You know hiding from all the change

Is it being truthful to the world

Voicing who you really are

What is real and what is fake

In this land that is blinded by change


Why not unite your hands

Lend a shoulder for those who cry

Knowing that they will always be different from the rest

Support the ones who you see alone

Yea there is change. There is difference.

But it’s all the same in the end

Different characteristics, thoughts, actions…


Yes, there is difference as to whom each person is

But we are the same in the end

Humans created by human and a God

Love, affection for someone you care for

There is no difference in stuff like that

So why do people not see that

Why choose to ignore and just hate and fear


Maybe you didn’t get anything from this

But know we are all different people

But we are the same humans

We share the same love

Different gender love. Different color love.

The difference shouldn’t matter no matter how different

It all comes to be the same kind of love.















© Copyright 2017 Red's_Wolf. All rights reserved.

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