Falling for the Chief's Daughter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
A runaway cowgirl falls for the Chief's daughter.

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



“We can’t help him.” Henry whispered to me as we hid behind some bushes.

“And why not?”

“We’ll get killed if we get caught.”

“I can’t just let them kill him.”

“And we can not kill our own.” Henry said as he held my arm.

“But they are looking for us, just because he appeared at the wrong place doesn’t mean he should suffer.”

“We should run not help him, he is nothing but a Native American Kat.”

“I can’t just turn my back.” I said as I looked at him.

“Fine but if we get killed I’m coming back from the dead to kill you again.” Henry said as he got his bow out and prepared his arrow.

“But I’m going to be dead too.” I said and shot the first arrow piercing the man directly above the Native. All the other men turned and as soon as they saw us they began to shoot at us as we moved. We rolled on the ground until we got behind a tree. I looked at Henry and we smiled at each other before letting our arrows fly. To be honest it didn’t last long, soon they were dead and we were running to the Native’s side.

“Hey are you okay?” I asked as I looked at him but he looked frighten. I looked at Henry and he just shrugged. I looked at him and tried to see where he had been badly hurt but he looked bad, I mean just beat up bad not deadly bad so I just tried wiping away some blood from his eyes. He looked perplexed and just as I was about to wipe some more blood, Henry fell to his knees and as I looked up all I saw was a wooden stick coming my way before I blacked out.

I did not know what had happened or where I was but when I opened my eyes I saw three men standing over me. Before anything I looked down and made sure my clothes was still on, and luckily they were. When I tried to sit up one of the men kicked me on the shoulder making me fall back down.

I looked at him and rubbed my head, I mean who ever had hit me with that stick had a good arm and to top it all my shoulder was now hurting. I was rubbing my head when all of the sudden a man came in and said something, which I didn’t comprehend and the men picked me up from my arms and dragged me outside where there was a bonfire in the center and Natives surrounding it.

I was put down next to my brother who had his head lowered and his arms tied behind his back. I looked at him and nudged him but I ended getting hit on the back with a stick.

“Ouch!” I yelled and watched as my brother looked up and tried to stand up but the man who was watching him kicked him on the back and he ended up falling face down on the dirt.

I looked at the man and saw that he was wearing pants, they all were, even the women as well as shirts. I was confused I mean weren’t the Natives like supposed to wear some skirts or something and not wear shirts. I watched as my brother was pulled back up and we both looked at the drummers. They mesmerized us so much that we didn’t notice the big man coming our way until everyone stopped and turned to face him.

“You two have attacked my son and now he does not wake for that you two must pay.” His voice boomed at us.

“Look mister.” I began to say but was hit on the back again.

“Do not speak to me white woman.”

“Look…” I began to say but again I was hit. I looked up at the big man, my eyes were tearing up but I stared at him until he looked away.

“I said to be silent, you two will be burned alive as we look.” The man said before turning around. I watched as some men began to collect more wood and piled it. They raised us upward and sat us on the wood. I mean come one couldn’t they do something else except burn my buns.

“I told you they would kill us.”

“Yea you did but you didn’t say they would burn us.” I said and smiled to myself because I was still able to annoy my brother before we burned. I watched as the man, which I now assumed was the chief, walked towards us with a lit torch. I closed my eyes I mean I wasn’t about to watch but I did peak. The chief was just about to put the torch on the wood when there was a scream.

“Stop!” A sweet voice screamed, well no to be honest it was the voice of an angel. I looked up and saw a girl about my age running towards us but I couldn’t exactly see her. She didn’t stop until she got to her father and I watched as the chief got bright red before turning to the men around us and said some words.

The men blushed as well and they pulled us up and untied us. Henry began to fall but I grabbed him and looked at him. He looked pretty bad; maybe it was because he had too many blows on his head and back.


“I’m good.” Henry said, as he stood upright and looked at me giving me a weak smile.

“White people!” The chief called us and we looked up. I tried looking for the girl that had screamed but she was gone which for some strange reason made me sad.

“I apologize, my daughter has informed me of the truth. My people and I are greatly ashamed to have caused so much trouble for you. I ask that you rest and let us care for the injuries we have caused.” The chief said as he looked at us.

“What do you think?” Henry asked me as he looked at me.

“I don’t know, I mean last time I made a choice we almost got killed.”

“True, how about we just stay until I get better.”


“We will stay until my brother is better.” I said as I looked at the chief who only nodded.

“Good, would you like to rest or eat?”

“Rest is good.” Henry said and the chief nodded and then spoke to a woman who came to Henry and pulled him after her leading him to a hut. I watched him turn around and give me a wink before turning back around. I smiled and rolled my eyes and then looked at the chief again.

“Are you hungry white woman?”

“Yes, I’m Katherine but I go by Kat with a K.” I said as I walked towards the chief with my hand held out but he just bowed his head.

“I am High Eagle.”

“Nice to meet you.” I said.

“You too, I will send you to a hut and a woman will bring a bowl with water and cloth, then my daughter will bring you food.”

“Thanks.” I said and was led to a hut. I looked and saw that there was straw on the ground, a bunch of it covered with buffalo fur. It looked comfy to say the least after the fright I took. I took off my leather jacket and laid it on the stack of straw. I was about to take my flannel shirt off, well Henry’s actually but he let me have half of his clothes, but there was a rustling outside and a woman appeared with the bowl. She looked at me and walked over resting the bowl on a wooden table before giving me the cloth and then she left. I took off my shirt and began to wash my face first before washing my upper torso. I had a scar across my stomach, which still stung when I went over it. I had a good body, a bit muscular but not enough to be classified as a man. I must have been so caught up in washing because I didn’t notice anyone had entered until I saw a bowl of fruit suddenly on the table.

I turned around and came face to face with the angel, the same one who had saved my brother and my life. She had light brown eyes and caramel colored skin. Her eyes captured me the most though they seemed to glow with power.

“My father told me to bring this to you.” She said in a soft sweet voice.

“Um…yea he um…thanks.” I said trying to gain control of my heart, which was pounding in my head.

“You are welcome.” She said as she looked down but when she looked back up her eyes were sparkling and she had a cute smile showing her dimple.

“My…my…na…name is Katherine with a K.” I said as I blushed because I couldn’t speak properly which I didn’t understand I mean I was always good with women.


“Is that short for something?”


“Oh, well it’s pretty.”

“Thank you, yours is feline.”

“Ha-ha yea…”

“Do you need help?”

“Come again?”

“Do you need help, with the washing?”

“Oh yea, please.”

“Okay.” Lily said as she got a new cloth and began to wash my back. There was nothing sexual but when she was done she began to run her hands on my back making me shudder but then I remembered who she was and I pulled away.

“Did I do something wrong?” She asked sweetly.

“No, but I am a guest in your father’s land I can not make a mistake that will cost my brother’s life as well as mine.”

“I understand.” Lily said before giving me a peck on the cheek and then walked away. I took a deep breath before putting on my shirt back and then lay on the bed. I ate two apples before shutting my eyes. I woke up in the middle of the night when I heard some howling, now I wasn’t scared of the wolves but I was scared of the place. Okay so I wasn’t scared but I was uncomfortable after all you could clearly hear the people around having sex. I mean what was up with that didn’t they know that people could hear.

I didn’t know how long I lasted like that but before long I was falling asleep again. I didn’t know if I was dreaming or soothing but I felt a hand go around my stomach making me wince but stay still and a head lay on my shoulder. When I felt someone playing with my breast I jumped I literally jumped of and stood up. I wasn’t about to lie I honestly thought it was Lily but it was someone else.

“Um, who are you?” I asked as I looked at the woman. She was wearing nothing at all.

“I am Daisy, my chief has sent me here to please you.” She said as she stood up and walked towards me.

“Oh well could you tell your chief that I don’t need any pleasing.”

“Are you sure, you appear to be stressed I could easily…”

“I mean no disrespect but I want my privacy.” I said kind of childish.

“Very well then.” The woman said before leaving making sure I got a good view of her bottom before she left. I fell on my “bed” and closed my eyes falling asleep quicker than I thought.

By the time morning came I was already up before anyone else, or so I thought until I walked out and it seemed as if though the whole tribe was awake. I tried looking for my brother but before I could I felt someone patting me on the shoulder. I turned around and found the Native that we had saved.

“Hey! I see you are feeling better.”

“I am, thanks to you Kat.”

“How do you know my name?”

“My sister mentioned it to me, she also mentioned that you turned her down.”

“I did.” I said as I looked down and blushed.

“Ha that is good, she has finally found someone that doesn’t fall easily for her.”

“Yea, so um what’s your name?”

“My name is Wolf.”

“Nice name.”

“Thanks, your brother has gone to the river to bathe, would you like to go as well?”

“With my brother, um no thanks.” I said and smiled but he ended laughing.

“No, to the river far from your brother.”

“Oh in that case, I would like that, I’m glad you are better.”

“As am I.” Wolf said before he called a girl about thirteen to come my way and lead me to the river.

The girl led me to the river and gave me a towel and I set off to the river as she stood behind. I began to clean myself and I went under the water and stayed there for a few seconds before rising back up. When I looked towards the girl she wasn’t alone, Lily was with her and they were talking before the girl walked away and Lily looked at me.

I swallowed hard and looked as she slowly took her clothes off and walked towards me.

“You know you can be hard to find sometimes.” Lily said as she closed in and put her arms around my neck.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Lily said as touched her lips on mine. Her hands went immediately to my waist and mine went toward hers. She kissed me deeper as I began to massage the insides of her thighs making her take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

I began to rub her wetness slowly as she moved her lips to my neck; she nibbled slowly and then dragged her lower lip over my neck until she reached my breasts. I looked down at her and watched as she took my nipple deep in her mouth before I threw my head back. She continued to suck on them until I pulled her up and rubbed her slowly, teasing her before finally inserting two fingers inside of her making her head throw back and her hands on go on my shoulders.

I held her bottom in my left hand as I continued to go in and out of her with my fingers and enjoyed as she gripped my shoulders as her mouth hanged open and she moved her head left to right until she finally moved forward and put her hands on my face before finally climaxing and kissing me deeply, her tongue touching mine immediately and we kissed as if though it were our last.

I let her down slowly enjoying the feeling of her breasts rubbing against mine and lower, that is until she reached my stomach, which made me suck my breath sharply.

“What is wrong?” Lily asked as she looked at the pain on my face.

“My stomach.” I said indicating to the scar.

“What happened?”

“We were being followed by some men and we fought and I got hurt.”

“Oh, well what happened to them.”

“I killed them.” I said and walked out the river and dried myself before putting on my pants and shirt then my socks and my boots. Lily did the same thing I did except she was wearing sandals instead of boots. We walked a little bit before I sat down under the shade of a tree. Lily sat next to me and laid her head on my shoulder.

“Why were they following you?”

“I slept with the governor's wife.” I said and smiled sadly remembering the fun I had with her and the pain she had caused me.

“Did you love her?” Lily asked and when I didn’t respond she put her hand on my cheek and made me look at her. I closed my eyes and felt a tear slide down my cheek and then I felt her soft touch wiping away the tear.

“I did.”

“What happened to her?”

“She died.”

“Oh, did her husband kill her?” Lily asked and I shut my eyes blocking the memories.

“No she killed herself…she couldn’t leave with me because she thought I was dead but I wasn’t. By the time I got to her…I was too late, she had already shot herself.”


“Hey things happen for a reason, had I not slept with her then I wouldn’t have been chased and I wouldn’t be here with you.” I said taking her hand in mine and kissing her palm. Lily smiled at me and gave me a soft kiss on my lips before I smiled at her.

“You know for a white woman you are amazing.”

“I know and I am about to be dead.”

“Why is that?” Lily asked me confused.

“Because I just slept with the chief’s daughter.” I said and looked at her.

“You will live.” She said giving my hand a squeeze.

“How do you know that?”

“My tribe, we are very accepting of two females, and my father has known I love women since I was young.”

“You still look young to me.” I said.

“I am…I’m seventeen.” Lily said.

“As am I.”

“I know I talked to your brother.”

“You have been talking to him a lot.”

“Jealous?” Lily asked raising her eyebrow.

“Not at all.”

“Mmm that hurts, I wish I had a girl that would become jealous.”

“I don't, I find them too crazy.”

“Ha then it is good that I am not crazy.”

“Yea, hey Lily may I ask you something?”


“Why is it that your tribe knows a lot of English like perfect English and have clothing like the white people as well as other materials?”

“Because we used to trade with white people and they taught us many things but they left in the end because they wanted a better more industrialized living.”



“I’m sleepy.” I said as I leaned back against the grass and closed my eyes. Lily leaned on top of me and before we knew it we were both knocked out until I felt someone kicking my boot. When I opened my eyes I saw the thirteen year old.

“Hi, may I help you?”

“You were being looked for by the chief so I was told to come for you.”

“Oh okay.” I said standing up and noticed that Lily must have been gone a while ago because the grass didn’t look like it had been slept on. I followed the girl into the camp which had a bonfire in the center and everyone was there already singing and chanting as well as drinking and smoking from the chiefs’ pipe.

“Hey little sis, where have you been?” Henry asked a bit drunkenly.

“Enjoying the night.” I said and sat down next to him. I looked across the bonfire and bowed my head to the chief before looking to his left and found Lily there as well with a girl. Both were giggling and smiling as well as touching each other’s thighs. I was so caught up in what Lily was doing that I began to feel this ache in my heart almost as if I were…jealous. I moved my eyes from those two and looked at who was next to me, which was my brother and the girl from yesterday as well as Daisy, whom was sitting on the other side of me.

“Kat, I will call you Tiger”

“Thanks.” I said to the chief who was smiling at me.

“I sent a surprise last night but I was informed that you were too tired maybe tonight you will not be.” The chief said indicating to Daisy who was now rubbing my arm. I looked up at Lily but she was too focused on the girl so I decided to play that game as well.

“I was tired chief and I apologize for being rude and not accepting your gift but tonight I feel like a new person and will greatly accept your gift.” I said smiling as I put my hand around Daisy’s waist. She snuggled in my arm and I looked up smiling at the chief but from the corner of my eye I could see that Lily was glaring at me.

I smiled at Daisy and on impulse I kissed her on the lips, I didn’t linger it was just quick and full of lust. When I pulled up I could see that the chief was smiling but I wasn’t. I felt sick and I felt bad.

“High Eagle?”


“I know that I am a guest here but I do not think I can accept your generosity. I would prefer for you to keep your gift for no matter how beautiful Daisy is, my eyes and heart have already been drawn to another.” I sad as I stood up and bowed before him but then I walked back to the tree in which had lain earlier that day.

“You know my father has never been neglected before today.” I heard Lily say as she walked towards me and lay down.


“Don’t be but he does want to talk to you.”


“Yes now.” I heard the voice of the chief and I stood up immediately and turned around to face him. As I looked at him he was all alone and looked tired.

“My daughter has spoken to me and I have understood why you have neglected my gift.”

“I was… I…”

“Please, let me speak first. I have never seen my daughter so happy and curious and alive, and you are the cause for that. You were a guest and you slept with my daughter, when I found out I wanted to kill you, but when I looked at hr happiness I could not do that. So this is an invitation to join us.” The chief said as she smiled and opened his arms taking me in a hug.

“Now I must return back to my gathering, enjoy.” The chief said as he smiled at me and hugged his daughter before he left. Lily turned around giving me that dimple smile of hers.

“That was scary.” I said as I brushed my hand through my hair.

“Yes but now we have his blessing to love each other.”

“True, but you were with another girl.”

“A friend only, were you jealous my white girl.” Lily asked as she caressed my cheek.

“I may have been but so were you.”

“Do you mean when I saw you kiss Daisy?”


“I was.” Lily said as she put he hands around my neck and kissed me slowly before pulling back and looking up into my green eyes.

“I am sorry, I was being like a child.”

“So I noticed.”

“I will have to go soon Lily.”


“Somewhere, anywhere but here.”

“What not stay here?”

“I have people following me, I cold not endanger you like that.”

“Who follows you?”


“We do.” A male’s voice said and we turned around only to find five men there with guns pointed at me. Two of the men walked to Lily and tied her up. The other men walked to me and as I looked at two of them one hit me on the back of the head knocking me out.

When I woke up I was under a tree and I thought it had been a dream but I was wrong. The five men were standing around me and each one had a wicked smile I their faces. Each one looked at each other before two of them pulled me up.

“You know I hate it when my woman is taken by another, I would have even forgiven her had it been with a man but instead it was with you, a filthy woman.”

“Hey I may have been filthy but that didn’t stop your wife from…” I didn’t get to finish because at that moment he punched me in my stomach right over my scar making me wince in pain.

“Boys lets teach our friend a lesson.” He said and all at once they came towards me. Punches were flying from everywhere as well as kicks. I was able to give some punches as well but it was easy to say that I was beaten. When I finally looked up I saw the blue sky right before I began to lose my vision but sadly I could still here as they advanced. I was anticipating the kick or punch that was coming my way but I didn’t receive it. Instead I heard yelling and before I knew it someone was holding my head and slapping me.

“White woman do not leave me you are mine, please I beg of you do not leave me.” I heard a distant voice say but I was too lost to comprehend.

“Please sis listen to Lily come back sis, come on damn it you can’t just leave me, not after all the shit we’ve been through” I heard a male voice say but I couldn’t think of who it belonged to.

I kept hearing other voices and screams, painful screams in the distant. I tried to move but I couldn’t I couldn’t move anything at all. I was screaming but it seemed as if no one was listening. I could hear the pounding of my heart but I couldn’t do much but scream in my head because no one would listen.

I could feel my power being drained from me and soon even the little color I had in my mind began to fade into darkness. I think…I think I was dying.

There was nothing left, the darkness had taken over and all I had left was a bit of hearing left but that too began to fade. I could feel my end coming. I could feel…I could feel wetness?

It seemed as if though water was clearing my path. My eyes began to open and I could hear even more than I did before. After a while I finally opened my eyes and saw Lily crying above me with her eyes closed. I tried to move my hand but it hurt so much that I barely moved it. When I tried again I was able to move it to her cheek and rubbed it gently leaving a trace of blood behind and she opened her eyes.

“You are awake!” Lily said before hugging me, which made me wince in pain.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” I croaked out and coughed.

“Are you okay?”

“I will live.” I said with a wink.”

“Thank you.”


“For being here.”

“You are welcome.” I said and smiled.

“So I guess you can now stay that they are dead.”

“I guess I can.” I said as I smiled and kissed her palm before closing my eyes for a bit, took a deep breath and watched as Henry and everyone else was smiling but not quite as much as Lily. Ah Lily and her dimple…now that’s something that I could never get tired off I thought as I closed my eyes and ignored the pain but valued this moment of love.




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