Make a Change

Poem by: Red's_Wolf


stand up and make a change


Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013



Lonely and afraid

I feel like this almost everyday

But then I see

And I realize I’m not alone in this place

Millions are out there going through the same

Hiding all the time from who they really are

But then somehow they rise

They throw away their fear

And no I’m not saying it’s completely gone

But it’s far away to be who you really are

And see that’s what I want right now

Yes now, not in a few years, I want it now

To be able to stand up for me… for us

A human being judged for being different

I’m tired of being treated like this

Having fingers, snickers, and hatred follow me

I know it won’t all go away

But how can I know if I don’t stand up

How can you know if you don’t stand up

I’m tired of wishing for things to change

Maybe they will someday if we stand up

Yes I know we all have that fear

We have that parent, that sibling, that friend, that stranger

That will make us want to hide back into safety’s arms

Make us want to live in a lie again

But that has to change someday

See I may sound so sure of who I really am

But I’m not… I too want to hide

I still have that fear of being judged by my loved ones

But I am also tired of living this lie

Being someone who hides from the world

But always wishing for change to occur

I know I have to stand up someday… we all do

We need to join and voice against the hate and injustice

Just wishing will not change much

You know it’s like an African proverb my teacher says each day

“When you pray, move your feet.”

Things will not change if you lay back down

Only you, standing up for who you really are, can make that change

And I’m not saying it’s going to be easy

Things that change have never just changed

There has always been a battle, an army behind that change

And even though there were no guns

There were words, there were hopes, and there were wishes

And until you or me pass the point of safety

There will be no change in what it is we want

There will be no coming back to safety’s arms once you stand up

Friendships and family bonds will change

Whether it’s for good or bad

I can’t tell you that…I’m no soothsayer

But you have to take that chance

Stop living in a lie… hidden from all

Stand up for whom you really are

Stop acting like what society wants you to be

Be you. Be unique. Be different.

There’s nothing special about being the same

Stand up now and join hands

Raise your voices and tell the world who you are

Because no change will come if you stay quiet and safe

No one will know who you really are

Stop hiding and tell them all, tell the world you want to be you

Stand up. Join hands. Raise your voice. And be proud of who you are.


- From Diana L. Garcia , a fellow lesbian.

© Copyright 2017 Red's_Wolf. All rights reserved.

Make a Change

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



stand up and make a change
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