Our Love Remains the Same

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Change occurs everyday but our love remains the same.

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013




Let me tell you girl

What’s happening to me

I’m trying to figure out

What's happening to us

It’s not the same

Like it used to be

I remember

Those happy memories

I remember

Holding you in my arms

The love

We used to share

Girl I miss you

Can’t you see that in me?

Can’t you see

The struggle in between

There used to be a time

When we shared every secret we had

Now I’m trying to bring that back

Girl I’m trying really hard

I know we’ve changed a lot

We’re two different people now

Change occurs everyday

We can’t stop that

But you have to see

That even though we’ve changed

Our love…

Will remain the same

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