Temptation: Little One

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Greatest desires can overcome your decisions, and your loved ones get hurt even when they still beg for you.

Submitted: January 27, 2013

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Submitted: January 27, 2013




Run Run Run Little One

Can you not see?

Evil lies within her soul

Can you not tell the difference?

Her words are full of venom

Not love!

My dear little one

Have you succumbed already ?

Has her darkness reached your soul?

Has your innocence been stolen?

Can you no longer be saved?

My dear Little One you must run!

Run from the darkness

You must save yourself!

Evil hands will reach for you

Full of darkness and despair

But you must not fret

For I know that you can do it

Little One you must run!

Run from the one who torments you

Run from the desires you hold within

Run from temptation

Her words are full of power

Each one like fire burning on your skin

Making you burn within

Little one do not succumb to this desire

It all seems real to you

But can you not see behind the mask!

Look my dear!

See the one who holds your heart

Look and you will see

That she is full of lies

Can you truly love her now?

You know now who she is

You know now the evil within her

No my dear!

Come back!

Do not let her darkness in

Each touch will break you apart little one

My dear, listen to me!

She will not stop

You have seen her

You have seen the evil behind the mask

Now do you understand?

Your tormentor is coming my dear, run!

Run my dear run!

You can no longer be by her side

Her darkness is too great

I can now see it in your face

My dear Little One

What have you done?

Why did you give up?

How could you my Little One?

Was her power over you too great?

She ended up carrying you away my dear

In her hands full of darkness and despair

Run I said to you!

And you did

You ran  

But into her arms

Your desires were too great to overcome

You fell for her luscious words

How could you my little one?

Was her touch that magical?

Were her words that beautiful?

My dear, tell me why!

Why did you run to her?

What did you really see behind the mask?

Did you not see her true self?

I begged you my dear!

My Little One…

Your innocence was so sacred

You knew that when you ran from her

So tell me then my dear

What did you see?

What did you find behind the mask?

What made you return to her?

Run Run Run Little One

I screamed to you!

But it seems that in the end

My words were carried away

In the embrace of the wind

But I can still see you my dear!

I can see the surprise in your eyes

My dear little one

Is that you screaming?

Have you finally come to your senses?

Has her darkness finally breached your innocence?

Has the blindfold finally been lifted?

But why do scream?

Were you not the one who chose this path?

Has your love come to an end already?

Can you finally see, Little One?

Can you see the vileness behind the mask?

Are you scared my dear?

Tell me, why do you scream?

Why my dear,

Did you submit to her?

Why did you succumb to your desires?

Why wait till now to scream?

What have you finally seen?

Was the truth so unexpected?

Did you not foresee this moment?  

A moment in which you are the prey

Are you frightened my dear?

Can you no longer undertake her wickedness?

Has she violated your purity?

Has your soul been ruptured?

Have you finally seen, Little One?

The life in which she lives in

The cruelty in her touch

But tell me why my dear,

Do you continue to fight?

This battle of yours is over

You can no longer be saved

You carry it in your soul

The vile immorality of her “love”

Run Run Run Little One

Run…I screamed to you!

But in the end you choose the darkness

In the end you lost my love

And now I see you screaming

With fear in your eyes

Your fingers clinging to the dirt

Frightened to let go

But it’s too late

She pulls you deeper within

Deeper and deeper you go

I can still see you struggle

But why not just let go!

This battle of yours is over

You have lost Little One

I stand here looking at you

Looking at you struggle

Looking in your eyes

Full of terror!

I stand here doing nothing

Nothing at all to help you

Nothing to save you


You seem to be disappearing my dear

Your screams are still streaming from your lips

Run Run Run I said to you!

But there is no more running my dear!

No more running for you…










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