The Dark Depths of Your Eyes: Darkness

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When darkness finally takes over

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013




I woke up once again

A beautiful bright sun staring back

No darkness this time

Just light and life all around


I see you standing there

Wearing a black gown

Clouds are floating all around

Both of us standing on top


Your eye stare into mine

One right blue and the other forest green

Your air white and curly as the clouds

Falling to your thighs with red highlights


You seem strange to me

Yet I feel as if I know you

That’s when I realize the truth

You have something from each sister


What have you done I ask myself

You look at me strangely and laugh

“I took back what was mine”

But how could you when this was theirs


“It’s simple taking over the elements

Desert equaled the hot and dry fire

While the green equaled the earth

The sea equaled the water


As for the air,

Well that’s where the white hair comes from

And at last the snow… that was me

Lost and left alone by them


They left me all alone

Air blowing against me through the forest

I had no heat or warmth

Just the cold frozen water


No thoughts but revenge entered me

I joined the winning side

As for you

I know not who you are”


I looked at you with hatred

A home I had ruined

Darkness has breached the beauty

And now there is no life left


I begin to question you more

But I see the sea of darkness

It’s enveloping the Earth

Coming closer to me


That’s when I turn and look at you

Your eyes have changed to dark pools

And evil spreads across your face

And you say to me ”It’s time.”


Tossed like a toy I fall

Air meets my fall as the dark comes my way

My home Earth has fallen dark

And I too have been enveloped in the dark


No more life remains

Everything fallen to temptation

Even you I think  

As I look one last time in the dark depths of your eyes




© Copyright 2017 Red's_Wolf. All rights reserved.

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