The Dark Depths of Your Eyes: Snow

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Diffrent place = a different mysterious woman.

Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Submitted: March 01, 2013




I see you walking through the snow

Wearing nothing but a night gown

Aren’t you cold I ask myself

As the snow gathers around


Wind is blowing through your hair

But you act like you don’t care

You walk barefoot through the snow

Like if the snow was never there


Aren’t you cold I ask myself

As I see you walking by

There’s a lost look in your eyes

That I’m not able to define


I know not where you go

I know not where you’ve been

All I know is you are here

Walking by with a lost gaze


Curious as to where you go

I slowly walk behind you

I look down on the ground

As to not step on something loud


We walk all around

Not a hint of where we’ll go

But I notice

That you have come to a stop


I’m afraid of what you'll do

So I stare holes into the ground

But at last I give up

And look up into your eyes


Only to fall onto my back

As darkness overcame me

From looking

Into the dark depths of your eyes…

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