The Truth In Your Art

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A woman draws in a way that shows the truth beneath the surface.

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



How can this be art?

What you show to me


Covered in blood

You walk towards me


Mirrors all around

Showing who you are


I look past you

And notice your art


I see a woman

Standing in blood


And it all comes to me at once

The reason you wear blood


Your art is beauty

A story of truth


I was still lost though

Until I felt your hand in mine


Together we walked

Me? I was in a trance


But at last I saw

The truth about you


A self-portrait

A painting of truth


Wide eyes looking back

As if searching into mine


But how can that be

For this is just art


A smile is formed

Sad and blue


It makes no sense

As I look at your art


Are you happy or are you sad

I can’t decide


Mirrors on the background

Each one showing you


But they all come together

To the painting in the middle


Blood covers your body

Like a cloak hugging you


What is the truth

I wonder as I look at you


A lovely woman

Could she really be so unhappy


What could the blood mean

Blood covering you so sweetly


Like a lover

Hugging you from behind


Or a monster

Dragging you deeper within


Could it be true

What is now said


A vulnerable woman outside

While the evil lies inside


Your art tells the truth

About the woman you are


The blood cloaking over you

Is the evil in you?


Is that the truth?

Is your life what you draw?


The bloody cloak

The wide eyes


What are you saying?

What is the truth?


Are you tired?

Of the evil within you


Have you become afraid?

Of all the evil that will not end


Tell me the truth

Is that the meaning of your art?


Are you reaching for help?

Your wide eyes searching into mine


Do you realize what you draw

Do you realize the beauty of your art


Do you realize the evil?

You hold inside your soul


Is this the truth?

That is hidden in your art 

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