Monster in the family

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a woman tells of her drunken husband and why her son draws a monster in class, starts a little slow but the ending should be worth it, its my first story so feedback would be apperciated

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



Marsha was attempting to clean her desk, which was currently covered in mountains papers. One of the parents of her kindergarteners would be there soon and she didn’t want to look unorganized, though truthfully she didn’t think that she could keep her desk organized to save her life. She checked her clocked and to her horror realized that she had less then five minutes before Mrs. Morris would be arriving,

“Ok as long as it’s out the way and she can’t see it I’m happy” she said as pushed all her papers into a single pile and put them on a shelf behind her. As if on queue she heard a knock on her class room door. “Come in” Marsha said as she hopped back into her chair and pretend to look busy. The door open to reveal a young woman in her mid twenties, there was just one problem, this woman had what looked to be a recovering

black eye it wasn’t swollen and it looked as if she had tried to hide it with make up. “Misses Morris are you alright, what happened?” Marsha jumped in surprise when she saw the mark on her guest.

“It’s a long story but it won’t be happening again” Mrs. Morris said as she looked away as if ashamed by the rather large mark on her face. “So Mrs. Harper what was it you wanted to talk about?” she asked while looking for a chair that could support someone older than six.

“Actually its Ms. Davis now or Marsha if you prefer...” she said thinking back to her now ex husband before she remembered the reason she had called this meeting to begin with, “but I called you hear to talk about your son Timothy and some drawing I hope you can explain” she said as she grabbed a folder she had put on Timothy’s desk. “Most of them are normal” she said as she showed Timothy’s mother pictures he had drawn. The pictures were of normal things a few of a happy family, a dog, a super hero with a “D” on his chest and some objects that couldn’t be made clear. “However every now and then Timothy draws… different” she said as she showed her picture of a sad little boy and girl being with a monster yelling at that them or breaking things one was of what looked like a bottle labeled “mosntr joos” . “Did he hit you?” she asked indicting at the black eye.

Mrs. Morris looked down “Timothy’s father was a recovering alcoholic every now and then he’d slips up and when he drank he got angry an there was a bit of a incident last week…” she said as she looked down.

It was dark night clouds hid the stars and the moon didn’t dare show its face a loud voice filled the dark sky “Melissa! Open the door! Melissa I know you can hear me!” this voice belong to a drunken man who stood outside of his home pounding on the door. When the door opened it revealed a young woman in her twenties wearing a robe she looked as if she had just awoken “Sean I just put Timothy and Rachel to bed, they were worried about you and wanted make sure their dad came home safely” Melissa said as she tried to quiet her drunken husband.

“Oh no they were worried about their father” he mocked in a childish voice “I’m a grown man! I don’t care if dem brats was worried or not!” he said as he pushed his wife aside to make his way inside.

“Sean we talked about this you told me you’d stop!” Melissa said as she picked herself up. Sean however was not listening instead he was searching the cabinets looking for something “You promised me you promised the children that you’d stop” Melissa said with tears streaming down her face, but as Sean continued his search through the cabinets this sorrow to rage “Look at me when I’m talking to you!” she shouted.

“Dear God woman do you ever shut up!” Sean yelled back as he turned around to his nagging wife. “I work! I pay the bills! So if I want a drink now again I’m gonna have a drink! I don’t care how much you or the kids whine about it” he said as he made his to his wife. “But I-!” was all she managed to get out before she received what felt like a brick hit her face knocking her off her feet she landed head first onto the tile floor. “Great now there’s blood on the floor! You want to make a mess! Fine let’s make mess!” Sean proceeded to return to the cabinet and began to throw glasses at the woman on the floor.

The woman could do nothing but lay there and cry and glass shattered on her and the floor. Then it stopped and she heard him begin to laugh “Well looky here looks like ya helped me find my good buddy Jack after all” he said as he clutched a bottle.

“Get out” Melissa whispered as she laid on the floor half blind. “Get out” she repeated this time loud enough for him to here. “Get out of this house!” she yelled as she pushed herself off the floor. The reunion between Sean and his “buddy” seemed to have stopped. Melissa could hear the glass crunch as he came closer. She braced herself for another hit to the face but it never came. She looked up at her husband who stared down at her.

“You want me gone… fine” he said calmly. Melissa then felt as if her stomach tried jump up her throat as Sean’s boot made contact with her gut. “Woops!”

“And he just left me lying thereand left” the woman we now call Melissa explained. Marsha could only stare wide eyed and jaw dropped at the story this woman had just described. “I’m not gonna call the cops unless he comes back as far as I care he’s dead to me” Melissa said to worried teacher. “also I told Timothy and his sister that there father has a new job faraway, they don’t know about what happened so could you not mention this to Timothy”

“Oh my God, no of course I won’t tell what happened. Listen I have to meet with another parent today, but if you need anything I mean anything at all call me” Marsha said as she wrote her number onto a piece of paper. Melissa managed a small smile and nodded.

“Thanks I really appreciate it” with that she stood up from the desk she had used as chair.After she left Marsha sighed and began to look for the file of the next child, she had a lot on her mind now but there was something that she didn’t understand. Why hadn’t Timothy or his sister been woken up, they had just been put to bed even they hadn’t surely they would have woken up right? While looking through her stack of papers searching for her next file, she found another drawing by Timothy must have done yesterday. Marsha could only stare, the picture was of the monster standing with Timothy and his sister in their backyard and under grass was a super hero with a “D” and a knife in his chest.

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