A Day in My Life: Scene 6

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For work I have to make a video for Common Boston. We are making videos to give tourist a view of Boston as we see it. We were supposed to choose our Neighborhoods, but I have moved around so much that I dont have one. So I was told to choose a place where I feel at home. I feel that Boston Medical Center is my home. I am constantly there atleast 3 times a week to go to therapy, get checked up on for my bulimia, and various other things. So here is one of the ways that I see Boston Medical Center.

Submitted: February 16, 2010

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Submitted: February 16, 2010



Scene 6

Location: Elevator

Time: Afternoon

Actions: Reagan and Alex Argue, They exit the Elevator

Alex: I can’t believe you did that with my standing there

Reagan: I already told you, I didn’t do anything

Alex: Stop freaking lying to me Reagan! You have, why don’t you just admit it?!

Reagan: I don’t have a problem

Alex: Look at you! You’re a stick. You’ve lost probably 40 pounds in the last two months! How can you say that-

Reagan: STOP LYNIG TO ME! You talk about me lying, why don’t you just tell the truth for once. Stop trying to may me feel better. I know that I’m fat. Everyone knows it Alex, you can say it. Just say it “Reagan you freaking obese!” Just get it over with!

Alex: Whatever, we’ll talk about it in the office

Alex and Reagan exit the elevator

Reagan pulls open the door with a force where it almost hits Alex

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