A Day in My Life: Scene 9

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For work I have to make a video for Common Boston. We are making videos to give tourist a view of Boston as we see it. We were supposed to choose our Neighborhoods, but I have moved around so much that I dont have one. So I was told to choose a place where I feel at home. I feel that Boston Medical Center is my home. I am constantly there atleast 3 times a week to go to therapy, get checked up on for my bulimia, and various other things. So here is one of the ways that I see Boston Medical Center.

Scene 9

Location: Emergency Room

Time: Afternoon

Action: Alex stands outside talking to the doctor, Reagan is in the room crying, Alex comes into the room and sits on the bed with Reagan, He holds her and they cry together, He kisses her on her forehead, movie ends

Submitted: February 16, 2010

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