Death of an Angel

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A girl can only take so much before she decides to finally give up.

Submitted: January 28, 2008

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Submitted: January 28, 2008



I saw an angel die today

She didn’t want to though

She begged

She screamed-

But no one hear dher cries

No one saw her tears

No one knew that she was there

She was invisible to their eyes

They didn’t want her in their minds

They didn’t want to believe

That what she did was real

They didn’t want to look and see

The marks that she had made

The scars that they wanted to hate

But through all this time

They did not know

That there were killing her

They were so insincere

They were so ignorant

What they thought was petty

And what they thought was foolish

Turned out to be more than they could handle

But something that she couldn’t handle on her own

Because with each time

And with each new mark

Things became so much harder to stop

But then today came

She got tired to screaming

She got tired of begging

She got tired of making marks

So she made he final one

And felt relieved when he eyes went dark.

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