Do Not Worry

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Worrying about me only makes things worse

Submitted: April 12, 2008

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Submitted: April 12, 2008



Hiding the scars

Holding back the tears

Putting on a smile

Acting like I have no fears

Holding my head up high

Making light shine in my eyes

I do all of these things

So that you don’t have to cry


I don’t tell you when I’m upset

I don’t show any of my distress

I won’t ever tell you that I’m hurting

Because I don’t want you to worry


I don’t want you to worry

About the marks that I may make

About the painful scars that appear each day

And how they will never go away


I don’t want you to worry about my thoughts

Or what I may do tonight

Or that you may wake up one morning

To find that I have lost the fight


If you don’t worry

I will be okay

If I get to see you smile

I will not go away

Because I will know

That I did not cause your pain

And that I am not the one

Who makes you cry each day


So when I put on this act

I am doing it for you

Because I love you too much

To let you see me the other way


So do not worry about me

Because I am not going anywhere

For now the person that you see

Will keep me alive, keep me here

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