Oral Contraceptives in Schools?

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Should Oral Contraceptive be distributed in schools?

Submitted: May 31, 2008

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Submitted: May 31, 2008



Early this week two school medical officials from Gloucester High School in Massachusetts resign because their request to distribute oral contraceptives and condoms to students confidentially was denied by Addison Gilbert Hospital.
Their request came after the number of pregnancies at the school spiked to more than three times more than the previous year. This year seventeen girls became pregnant. The school officials were trying to help decrease this number in a way that would make the students feel comfortable about receiving it.

My thoughts:

There isn’t any problem with schools handing out condoms. When used properly condoms are extremely effective at preventing pregnancies. But on the other hand, it is in no way okay for schools to distribute oral contraceptives…especially not confidentially. It is never okay to give out a prescription to a minor without parental consent. Without mentioning even the physical side effects that birth control pills can have on a woman’s body, they can also cause birth defects if the woman decides to reproduce in the future.

A few schools in Mass have already adopted this program, including a middle scool (wth!), and personally that disgust me. By doing this they are in some way increasing promiscuity while also putting their students at risk of various health problems.

This shouldn’t be done and it definitely isn’t any reason for two officials to resign.

Your thoughts?

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