Special Place

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I slide the blade across my arm

Submitted: April 11, 2008

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Submitted: April 11, 2008



I slide the blade across my arm

Breathe a sigh of relief

The pain is now gone

For these few moments that I have to myself

Take me into my special place

Where only good things are dealt


Nothing can harm me here

Nothing can bring me down

Nothing can make the tears

Nothing ever spins around


It’s my secret heaven

Where no one can intrude

They gets stopped short at the door

For they don’t have and clue


Any clue what they do to me

Every single day

How they are the people that caused my pain

How they are the ones that make me scared


Scared to look myself in the eyes

Because I don’t want to see the hurt

See everything that I’ve done to myself

And how I’ve tried to turn the blind eye


I’ve tried to ignore what I’ve caused myself

And tell myself that this is alright to do

Tell myself that this is a good way to cope

And that things would be worse if I chose another route


I could always choose to end all of this

I could always choose to say “fuck the world”

And cut a vein

….hang myself

…take some pills


But no, I’ve chosen to hang on

And if it means doing this

Taking this blade

Sliding it across my wrist

It’s exactly what I will do

Because when I’m in that special place

I know that I am safe

I know that I have released the pain


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