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I got into an argument with my boyfriend yesterday. This is the poem that resulted from it.

It goes through all letters of the alphabet

Submitted: November 06, 2009

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Submitted: November 06, 2009




All I do is think about you
But you continue to hurt me
Calling me all sorts of names
Doubting everything I say

Everyone says "enough is enough"
"Forget about him"
"Get over him"
"Have fun"

I cant do those things though

"Just move on"
Kindly, I say no

"Leave him, why dont you?"
My love for him is so strong

"Noone should be treated that way"

Only they dont understand

People keep saying that this isnt right
Quietly, I hide and cry

Running through my mind is how much you hurt me
Silently, I beg for mercy

Taking each day, each argument, each put dowm as it comes

Underestimating the power of age
Very quickly, I'm trying to grow up
Wondering if acting older will calm down your rage

Xenophobic is what I'm starting to become
You will never let me run
Zest from you, keeps silent my tounge

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