The Person Within Suicide

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I got the idea to write this from another member on here. But this is it in its raw form, I wrote it during bio today.

Submitted: February 04, 2008

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Submitted: February 04, 2008



The Person Within Suicide
By She’Davia Williams

He came to me today
Calling out my name
Telling me “its time to go”
He says “you’ve been in pain to long
And no this isn’t wrong
Its exactly what you need”

He states:
“You cant take this anymore
This is the only thing to do
Show everyone how badly they hurt you”

But as I try to resist
He tightens up his grip
Pulling me closer to him
Trying to take my mind and make it his
I yell out “No I don’t want to go
I don’t want to do this”

But he wants me badly
He wont give up until he gets me
So no matter how hard I try
And regardless of how much I beg
He will take my life
He will make me die

So time goes on
And he slowly ingrains himself in my mind
I start to believe everything he says
That things would be better if I were dead

He picks out a date
And tells me the time
My heart speeds up
I know that this is right

I pull out the pills
And read the box
Figuring out how much to take
Ten times the normal dose should do the trick
I swallow them
Trying to make this quick

I feel myself begin to faint
My body’s last fight back
But he is much strong
He wont let me suffer longer
He kisses me goodbye
And that’s when I realize: Suicide doesn’t lie

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