Nothing meant to be.

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This stopry is about a girl who dreams of a boy. But every time she dreams this, they're falling but can't seem to stay together. This girl, Alison, is an emotionless girl, and the boy, Dennis, is a full on worker at the corner shop. they both dream the same dream and both knew each other the first time they met.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



"No! Please.. No... Please lord, don't let this be real. Don't let this happen"
I woke up in horror, pain, and fear, but with thankfulness that it wasn't real. It wasn't a dream, it was a nightmare, but why? Why'd it feel so good? Why'd it feel good when he was snatched away from me?
He just suddenly disappeared, vanished into plain nothingness...
I wasn't made for a love, I wasn't created to experience heart break,no hreat break, no lov, no nothing. Nothing but pain and fear. But eben though i do want it, i also fear it. It hurts. just thinking about something like that. Something fell down my face. But, it's not new, i recognize it, i felt this patteren before. Drip, Drop,Drip. Tears.. I'm crying, but why... no, How? Is it possible for somebody like me to cry? To even feel this emotion? when i was young my mom died so i lived with my dad, he told me i should never cry, that i don't have any other emotion other than pain and fear. ever since then, it's like i've been brain washed. No emotion. But with that said, i'm crying now. but it hurts. a lot. like snakes biting me everywhere as i'm getting stabbed. 

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