Nothing Meant To be Chpt.4

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Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



He smiled is brightest and cutest smile. "Nothing to be embaressed about.." he smirked, it was.. Not sure how to explain it but it was really. pure? Though something was weird in the atomosphere. He leaned towards me and i leaned back up curling my knees from my chest and ended up laying down. Back falt on the matress, but something was wrong. I didn't restrain from it. He was on top of me, i wantd to sit back up, but i couldn't since he was pinning me down. "H-hey what are you--" He cut my off with a long, sweet kiss. "Mmm..." That felt so good, but i was afraid to admit it. "Hey... Wh-what are you trying?" he ignored me and keept kissing me, he went from my lips, to my cheek, and down to my neck. I was afraid that he might go lower, and lead  into something that shouldn't.


The old man came into the room then stepped back out. "I'll give you two ten seconds to stop what you were doing." he started counting. "1....2....3..." the boy got off me but gave me one last kiss. "4..." I was blushing waaaayy too much. "5...6...7...8...9...10!! You better be off her Dennis!!!" Dennis, so that's his name, I blushed, some more and looked away. The  man stepped back in. "Good, Now don't you two ever do that again.. Well not here that is." he said as he put his head in one hand as the other layed gracefully on his hip. "N-No!! But.. We,.. I mean.. Uh.." I didn't know what to say. And  i certinly <i><b><don't</i></b> want my dad finding out about this. "Don't worry Child," Child? I'm not a child. "I wont tell your mom or da--" I was about to cut him off but a ciren beat me too it. It was an ambulance and the firefighters, <i>"What's going on?"</I> i thought to myself.


I heard screaming in the background. when i went outside to take a look, a lot of people where coming from around the corner. <i>"It can't be... No.. Please..</i> Before i let myself finish i spirinted to my house so fast, some men told me to stay away and others said "I'm sorry" <i>" 'i'm sorry' ? What do you mean by that?! Could it re--"</i> As i saw somebody coming out of the house hauling a something ash black, no it was a person. I looked closely and then ran to him, tears streaming down my face. "NO!! No! No.. Why.." This can't be happening.. My mom died when i was five, and now my dad?! I fell to the gorund crying, one hand covering my eyes the other trying to keep up with my tears, wiping them away. I screamd and cried. Dennis and the old man finally caught up to me already know what happened. Dennis ran over to me and hugged me tight. "It's okay, everything'll be alright." I Pushed him away and stood up looking down to him, "NO IT WONT! MY DAD JUST GOT BURNED ALIVE!! MY MOM DIED WHEN I WAS FIVE! DO YOU REALLY THINK ANYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT!?" I was shouting. I couldn't help it. "Nothing will be alright. It's all my fault. I don't have anybody anymore.."


He stepped up to me and pulled me close. "No. You're wrong. You have me. It's not your fault. Don't blame anything on yourself. it wont make anything easier for you.." He was whispering everything like if he raised his voice it might be life threathing. But, do i really have him? Do i really?  * wanted to choke vback my tears. I tried so hard to. "You don't have to choke your back your tears. Nor do you have to let them out" (By the way, this is something that my really close friend said to me. So techneclly it's a quote from him. -Sean) I wanted to back away, but i couldn't. just wanted to be with him. His comforting words swimming through my ears and his warm arms wrapping around my waist. " I love you" He said it so quitely i might've not even caught that if his mouth wasn't so close to me.  The old man stood there looking at the house Then at me. He walked up to ma "Would you like to stay with me?I mean, I don't have that big of a house but since you have no where to stay.."  He patted my head and tied to smile. I could tell that it was a fake smile. i mean, nobody could smile after seeing that. I nodded my head as i whipped my tears away and sniffeld away from the site.


To be continued

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