Nothing meant to be. Chpt.2

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Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Chapter Two: I finally found you.

As i felt the tears drop, it stung, from my cheeks, down to my neck and dropped down to my arms and legs. i wanted to sleep but i was too fearful. I was scared that if i slept, i would never wake. 

Ive been dreaming the same thing for so long, i was falling, no. we were falling. He grabbed my hand tight, as we fell but he just suddenly let go.. He fell into the hole of darkness and misery, as i stood alive on land watching him fall down so deep below. I would always try and grab for him, but the some sort of wall between us. Something splitting us apart. I knew that it wouldn't break. I also knew that it wasn't meant to be, he's just a dream, not reality. I stopped thinking about it and wiped away my tears to the call of my name coming from my father. "Alison!! I need you to go get me some stuff for me" he said as i ran down the stairs "Go to the corner store and get all of the items." I nodded and took the list from him as i put on my black converse and black and red striped sweater over my dark black jeans. 2 boxes of eggs, 25 Lbs of chopped beef, 2 winter coats small and large, mayo, potatoes, and burger buns. When i arrived i was shocked to what i'd seen. It was him The boy ive been dreaming about, the boy who i fell in love with. But. there he was. Standing in front of me. He took a glance at me and stood in shock as well. As if he'd seen me before. Has he been dreaming about me too? Or were we having the same dream? We stared at each other in shock and silence, until a tall man who looked about 54 years old with a dark brown bread broke the silence "Well, What are you waiting for? Go ask her if she needs help!" He slapped the boys back that pushed him towards me. As he walked closer, my heart started to pound and blood rushed to my head. What's going on? Why do i feel like this? He was close enough and started to talk to me, though it was all very scratchy, i could barely make out what he was saying. I was very dizzy. "Hello my name is--" I went blank. i couldn't hear what he said after that. and then started to fall towards him. i couldn't stay awake but he caught me. His tight grip on my hands and soft whispers flowing through my ears. I can't lose you again.. Alison, please.. wake up He hugged me tightly, his arms around my neck and waist. He called my name. But how'd he know who i was? I was new to this town. nobody knew me.

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