Nothing meant to be. Chpt.3

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When i woke, i found myself in a room with the boy sitting down next to me with his head in his hands i looked like he was crying a bit. I doubted myself, like always. I rubbed my eyes to see better and sat up. The boy had so much happiness in his eyes. Can i really make somebody that happy? Where was i, and what am i doing here? "Y-You're awake!" He said slightly shouting. I looked around the room. "I'm guessing you want to know where you are at the moment, correct?" He sounded so mature when he said it. I nodded in respons. "Right now your 'backstage' if you'd like to say that. But technecly, you just in the storage room. you fainted when i came to you to ask if you needed any help.." He looked down at his shoes, then looked up quickly, which kind of startelled me. "I finally found you!!" He shouted this time.

I knew what he was talking about, but i still had to prosses all of this in my mind. "Wh-what are you taling about? This is the first time i've ever seen you!" I lied. "No.. I mean.. The dreams," I knew it! He was dreaming the same thing. that's the only way he could have known my name! "The d-dreams? Wait.. So... Tell me exactly what happened in the dreams." He started to talk on about it. The dreams. thier the exact same as mine. could it really be him? Or is this just a dream.. "I know what you're thinking..." What does he mean 'i know what you're thinking'? first he's the boy of my dreams.. no from my dreams, and now he could read my mind? "'This must be a dream' or 'this can't be real'" I jaw dropped. No way. he really CAN read my mind. i was starting to blush. Oh no.. No good! not good! i covered my face with my hands.. "He-hey.. Are you.. okay??" he came closer to me. His face was so close to mine. I started to blush some more. 

He took my waist and pulled me close to himself. 'He's so warm..' i thought. He hugged me close and tightly. My hands clung to his chest and i closed my eyes. I knew he didn't want to let go. I didn't want him to either. It took a while for us to stop hugging. But it was nice.His warm arms warpped around me. I couldn't stop thinking about it. "Sorry.. I couldn't help it.." He said as help pulled away.  couldn't stop my self from pulling on his hand not allowing him to sit back down. "Don't..." i said almost shouting. "Don't what? Do you want me to sit beside you?" I was scared his reaction was going to be a lot worse but he read my mind again. I nodded eagerly. "haha, Alright" He crawled up on the bed beside me i could stop blushing. My face was so red!

With out thinking, i burried my face in his chest. "I-I'm realy glad you're real. You saved me and took me away from realitiy." He wrapped his arms around me once more and kissed my forehead. "I love you, and i'll always be there to save you." i blushed and then Kissed him lightly. After that little peck, my eyes widened. "I'm so sorry! I couldn't help it.. i pulled away and pulled my knees to my chest.


To be Continued.

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