His Memory

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It is about a college student who just lost her boyfriend

Submitted: February 21, 2015

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Submitted: February 21, 2015



Chapter 1 : The First Meeting

It was Monday morning and she was rushing to classes. As the lift opened,she saw a man and she immediately fainted. 'Lady,are you alright?' asked the man. He was a lecturer in the same college she was studying in but from a different department. He was a Spanish teacher.
She heard his voice but she couldn't answer. He then carried her to a room and let her lie down there till she woke up. The moment she opened her eyes,she saw this man and he said,'Hello,how are you feeling now?' She screamed on top of her voice and fainted again. He was shocked and asked the medical attendant lady,'Did she just screamed after looking at me?' with a curious face. 'I'm afraid so,sir.' she answered.
He then asked her to be by the lady's side till she wakes up and he quickly left for his morning class.

Chapter 2 :  The Second Encounter

'Good afternoon class,we are going to learn how to interact in Spanish today. Who wants to start first?' asked Mr Robert. And as he was listening to his students' conversations,he saw a girl was hiding near the wall and looking at him. It was the same lady who fainted upon seeing him. And when she realised he saw her,she quickly ran. Mr Robert then ran out calling her,'Wait!' but she was really fast that he couldn't catch up with her. 
His students asked him,'Sir,what happened?' 'Well students,this is what happened...I saw a woman in the lift and she apparently screamed after seeing me and fainted.'  'She fainted,sir?' 'Yeah,actually twice.. 'Guys,can you do me one favour?' I know you all kind of know everyone in this college,so could you guys just,you know,just in case,you meet her,find out for me which department is she from and what she is doing..I seriously need to speak to her.' said Mr Robert with a firm voice.

Chapter 3: Her Story

The next week,the students came back with the information about the girl. She is a student from the Accounts department situated at one level lower than theirs.
Mr Robert was happy for he knew this time,the lady could not escape from him and so he told his students to do their homework while he rushed to the find the lady.

And there she was,sitting alone in her classroom,waiting for the class to start. He came at the back and quickly sat beside her. She didn't notice him and suddenly she felt like as if,she was being watched from the side. She then turned and as she was about to scream,he closed her mouth with his palm and said quietly,'Now listen here,woman,you have been making me upset with your annoying screams,so now it's my turn! Better meet me at my class or else you will be in great danger! Now,just nod as a sign that you understand whatever I have just said and then I will let go off my hand!'

She just nodded and he left. During the break,she went to his class with a fear in her heart. He asked her to have a sit and she sat quietly. And then he said,'My name is Robert,I am a Spanish teacher here. Now,why did you scream and faint when you saw me?'

The girl kept quiet and then finally,she said this,'Well,sir,few months ago I lost my boyfriend in a car accident.' 'What does that got to do with this thing?' asked Robert..She then said,'Well,you reminded me of him,you looked exactly like him!' Then,she took out a photo she kept in her wallet. 'See sir,he has the same hairstyle as yours,same brown eyes,the height,everything,even your voice,sir is the same.And that is why I scream whenever I see you.' she said with a teary eyes.
Robert then said,'I'm sorry to hear that. By the way,what's your name?' With a soft voice,she answered,'Natalie' 'Okey,is it ok if we become friends? By the way,I'm sorry about what I did in your class..it was pretty childish..' 

Chapter 4 :  The Dance They Had

The next morning,he entered her class quietly through the side door and sat next to her. She saw and got frightened as she was having class and she was afraid that she might be kicked out of her class. 'What are you doing here,sir?' she asked with a frightened voice. He then said,'I just wanted to know if you would like to dance with me?' 'What?' Why? Anyway,you can always wait for my class to end for you to ask me this question! Now go!!' she said firmly.'Is that a yes?' 'Yeah yeah..alright!' she said..Mr Robert then said 'I don't believe you and for that,I'm taking your book with me!' 'What? No,give it to me' ..'Aha,nope..I'm keeping this until you come and meet me' and he went out quietly.
During her break,she went to the dance studio where he was waiting her. 'Where is my book? I need it' asked Natalie..Mr Robert then asked her,'Do you know salsa?' .. 'What?.No,I'm not going to dance with you!'..'Then,you will not get your book back.' he replied with a smile. 'Hmm..fine!' she said.

Chapter 5 : His Confession

'Natalie,I have a confession to make. I love you. Will you marry me?' asked Mr Robert to Natalie with his eyes full of love...'Whattttt?' Natalie said a shock..'Look here,just because I talked to you and you look like my boyfriend,doesn't give you the right to say this to me okay?' She then got up and slapped him in front of his students and she went off with anger.

Mr Robert was embarassed and he went to her and hold her arm telling her ,'It doesn't mean you have to embarass me in front of people,especially my students! I won't disturb you anymore.'
It has been a week since she saw him. Somehow,she felt deep inside her heart,that what she did was wrong. And so,she decided to search for him to apologize for what she did to him. She saw him sitting in his class and so she decided to knock.'Come in.' he said..The moment she came in,he got up and started the class. She slowly walked to him and said,'I'm sorry.' He then shouted at her and asked her to leave the class immediately and she ran out of the class crying..
The students were all shocked and they told Mr Robert that they felt what she did wasn't right but what he did to her was worse...and so few of them volunteered to call her back.  

Chapter 6 : The Memories

'Mr Robert,would you like to come for a concert?' Natalie asked. 'Sure,what concert is this?' 'Well,I'm performing tonight. I'm going to play the piano.' 'You can play the piano? he asked..'That's wonderful!'..'Great,see you tonight,sir at 8pm.' she said with a smile and left.

'Good evening everyone,please be sitted. The show is about to start. And now,let us all give a big hand to Miss Natalie.' announced the host of the concert.
As she was playing the piano,Mr Robert was shocked for the music she was playing was familiar to him. He used to play it on his piano..but he was wondering how she knew this music for that was his own composition and no one knows about it except him. And then,his memories started to come in his mind slowly and slowly and then he remembered...his past,his girlfriend,the proposal,the accident..everything. And he looked at Natalie with tears in his eyes..he was the boyfriend she was talking about..

After the concert,he ran to her and smiled..She was wondering why he gave such a big smile and then he said,'Natalie,I'm the one,I'm the one.' Natalie was stunned for she couldn't understand what he was saying and so she asked what he meant by that...'Natalie,I'm your boyfriend.' he said.
Natalie was confused for she couldn't believe what he said to her. And then,he took out a locket and gave it to her. She was shocked for that was the same locket she gave her boyfriend. She looked at him for she knew he was telling the truth. They hugged and then he proposed to her and this time she said yes.

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