the lady at the riverside

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about a fisherman who met the lady at the riverside. what he sees is not what it seems to be.

Submitted: March 10, 2016

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Submitted: March 10, 2016



It was time for the fishermen to catch fishes and so Pawan went to the sea nearby. Unfortunately as always,he and his friends couldn't catch any and it has been weeks since they catched any big fishes.The oil leakage from the ship has caused the fishes to die which has affected their source of income.

Few days later,Pawan heard from his friends about a particular river where fresh fishes could be caught. However they said it is too far from their place and their boat is not that strong to face the heavy stream.

However,Pawan was determined to go there for he was tired and fed up of having to catch small fishes everytime. So,he spent few days making a strong boat so he could go to the river.

The next week,after nearing the riverside,he heard a beautiful voice of a lady singing. It was very enchanting that Pawan immediately fell in love with the voice. He then kept on rowing his boat searching for her.

He then saw a figure of a lady near the riverbank. 
She was a tall lady with a smiling face. Her eyes were large and pretty. He then asked her who she is and where she lived. However she didn't respond. He was curious as to why she did not reply to his questions. However,that did not bother him for he was already in love with her.

The next day,he rowed his boat again to the same place. He wanted to see the lady of his love and wanted to give her the fish which he caught at the same riverside they met. He had cooked a traditional fish dish which his mother had taught him.

His behaviour made his fellow fishermen for they were wondering as to where he goes and how did he managed to catch a lot of fishes considering that they are struggling to even catching one.They then asked him when he came back. He then told them that he went to the riverside which they told him about and how he met a beautiful lady at the riverbank and how her voice was the most beautiful and enchanting voice he has ever heard.

They were curious but decided to keep quiet about it.The very next day,as Pawan was preparing to go the place,they quietly followed him at the back using the boat which they had borrowed from the nearby village.

They then went near the place however was taken aback when they saw that there was no such lady at the place. Pawan was talking to a tree which had a shape of a lady. They then went back to their village with the intention of talking to Pawan about it.

When Pawan returned to the village,the villagers and his fellow fishermen gathered to speak to him. They then told him about what they saw and what he thought he saw. He argued saying that what he saw was real and he wasn't lying. They called him insane and threatened that if he keeps talking to the tree,they would send him far away from their village.

Pawan got upset that he went rowing as fast as he could to the riverside. He went to the same lady which everyone claimed to be just a tree. 'My lady,I'm really upset..You are so beautiful and your voice is really enchanting. I can't understand why they could even call you a tree. And they are even threatening me that they would send me away if I keep on talking to you. I can't live without you.I love you.Please speak now,my lady. Please prove to them that you are alive and not a tree.' said Pawan with tears flowing down his cheeks.

It has been days since the fishermen last saw Pawan. So they decided to row to the riverside to search for him. There they found his body near the tree in a sleeping position.

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