Jirox Flatly

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Start of a story which i just can't think of anything else to write - SUGGESTIONS PLEASE. XD XD XD

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011



I thought I knew everything about my life, obviously not. Stephanie tried to stop me, I didn’t, then it was all over, life behind me, away to the depths of what I call home. I’m Jirox Flatly, I’m 14, I think. It’s been along time since I was changed, I’ve got used to it, because of the one they call lord to me he’s Sam my brother, to you, well he’s Satan. I was different to the others he said, more powerful, I had the urge to strike fear into those I crossed. Back then I didn’t know what that meant, I do now, I got a second chance at life, life where havoc and fear are vital, I’m envied by some, feared by all, I’m Jirox Flatly, I am Destiny. He had to die, he chose the wrong path in life and it’s my job to put things right. A swift slice of the throat and it was finished, reality regained and risk, extinguished. It’s hard, every fragment of the universe resting on my shoulders, one slip up and bang, it’s all over, present, past and future all dismantled, in seconds. Now let me explain, I kill, I kill people who should be dead, they survived somehow, and I have to put things back to normal, if not, if some way they live longer than possible, time collapses. Basically if you survive certain death it’s up to me to make things right and kill you, or everyone dies. Normally you have days before there time completely runs out, most should die weeks before the soul implodes but on the odd occasion only a few hours remain, I step in and make sure the soul is in paradise before devastation. Unfortunately not every soul is meant for paradise, others, they go to my brother and he does with them what he wishes, normally slavery 6 feet under, in Hell. I’m not a bad person, I’ve saved everyone on this planet hundreds of times without anyone even noticing, that’s how Sam noticed me, I was meant for Hell as a slave, I knew this as soon as Stephanie slipped from my eyes. Then I woke to see Sam, a large evil smile all over his face. In Hell you take no form, you control you soul through your sub-conscious mind and for the first time ever a sub-conscious mind escaped, mine. Sam is the second most powerful being in all of time, behind Him, the one we do not talk about in this world, the one who gives us the scraps which we have to rely on to save the universe, the one known as God. Sam has the power to stop certain souls imploding, souls which have not even come close to implosion, normally souls belonging to superior beings which the world needs to survive. I am one of those, Sam needed someone to help him with his duties and I ticked all the boxes. I wouldn’t say I enjoy killing, I’ve got used to it, every week I get and the infamous yellow envelope with the person I need to murder. This week was different I was handed the envelope and inside I saw a name I never wished to see again in my life, I had 17 hours to kill her, my one true love…… Stephanie.

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