Endless beauty

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They know, she know, we know, they all know.....

Submitted: November 30, 2013

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Submitted: November 30, 2013



Chapter 1

The Dark end of night fall

I hear footsteps running up and down the hallway, voices whispering and then it all vanished. Suddenly out of nowhere a petrifying sound came bursting out of the castle walls. I jump out of my bed and ran down the thousands of steps in-between the castle dormitories. The sounds are still flowing fresh in my mind. I think I know where it came from, I ran down to the forbidden dungeon. The dungeon doors are big and black with solid gold handle bars it made a “creeetsh” sound when I opened it. Its dark, the only light is the simmering moonlight shining thru the open windows.

I hear the scream again, I ran down the hundred and fifty flights of stairs and stopped. I saw a figure and it saw me. “AAAAAAAAA!!!” I yelled. The black figure spooked and deciphered. But wait there’s something else, at the back end of the room just a meter away where the dark figure stood. Slowly I walked towards it. When a finally figured out what it was I rushed to its side…

Its Melanie Mertal the most beautiful girl in the 8th grade, I turned around and ran back to wake up one of the head professors.


Chapter 2

History in the Making

I stared, not blinking, for hours and hours I just stared at my history book. My mind lost, jumping over and over the rainbow not knowing where it is, searching for questions that has no answers. But how can it be? What was that thing beside Melanie and what was she doing late at night in the dungeon, she knows that the dungeon is forbidden to everyone in the castle.

 “MMMMGGG… mister Oxford “the professor said. “UUU yes mmm… sorry?” I replied when my mind snapped back to reality. “I said can you tell me why did the Greeks punished the goddess of power, was it of her endless beauty or just for the fact that she is ruler in all of Greek?” the professor said while his eyes formed a frown. “Uuumm….. It’s because she was ruler in all of Greek?” I said with an unsure tone to my voice. “WRONG!!!.... it’s because she pizesded the power to endless beauty” the professor said looking at me as if I`m a toed.

“Finally!!!” I said when the bell rang for recesses. “Where do you think you’re going mister Oxford?” the professor said as he lean over his table trying to reach an old used book. “To recesses professor” “I do not think so young man, you tried to take me for a fool, you will stay here and write on the board your own meaning of discipline”.

Its five o’clock and I’m still writing on the board.  It’s starting to get dark in corridors of the castle. Professor Heilding has fallen asleep, “He’s probably brandied from all the vintage Knowles he’s been reading” I thought to myself.

Chapter 3

Let the horses Buck

It’s been two weeks now since the dungeon incident and Melanie is doing fine. She doesn’t talk about what had happen that night. If tried asking her about it but she doesn’t respond.

Its late, me and scooter has just finished tacking down the horses and leading them to the stables. As we arrive at paddock something caught my eye. I can’t see what it is exactly but it has the shape of a girl no sorry a women standing and talking to Cassandra, one of the most beautiful lest horses in all of Britain.  She’s singing to the horse. “Scooter look “I said pointing at Cassandras stable. We both slowly startled forward as we came near Cassandras stable the woman began looking much older, like eighty years older.”Ummm excuse me, you’re not allowed in here mam” cooper said.

The woman’s head turned around in a one hundred and sixty degree angle. “What’s that my pretty” she said. We both stared not moving not sure if this is mind made up. She looked at us with a grinning smile. “AAA I know you” she said looking in my direction. “We met one night in the castle dungeon, didn’t we?”  She said while licking over her bleu lips.

“Who are you” I asked.” The history dearie” she smiled and vanished. “Bloody Hell” scooter said.” Yes indeed” I replied.  


Chapter 4


“Class who can tell me, the name again of the Greek goddess of endless beauty?” professor Heilding asked the class. “I know, I know… her name is Calisto, Calisto Howard which means most beautiful in Greek. “ Emma said.  “Well done Emma if only everyone in the class could have the mind that you do then teaching would be like an endless dream of happiness.” Heilding said. “Professor was she still the most beautiful lest when she died.” Robert De Lorace said shouting from the back end of the classroom. “Strangely yes, that was of Corse before another fair maiden was born.” The professor said as he walked towards Robert.

“What was the name of the maiden” I asked while I scrolled thru my history book. “Melanie Mertal”. I stopped scrolling thru the pages and looked slightly upwards. “Sorry professor thought I heard you say Melanie Mertal”. “I did”’ the professor replied.

The bell rang for the next period. I gathered my things and walked over to professor Heilding`s desk. Sorry sir. “Can please umm….” I CHOCKED. “Yes my boy, well what is it?” he said. “uuumm…Sir… don’t you think it’s weird that there’s a girl in the 8th grade with the same name as the maiden in the tale of the Greek.”

“Yes it is kind off odd isn’t it?, but that my boy is no tale it`s a legend, but you know what they say, legends are a mystery of the truth.” He said with wink of his left eye.

“Professor Do you think that Melanie and the maiden are in some way connected to each other?” I asked. ”Yes indeed, you see I knew the Mertals very well actually; her great grandmother Melanie Howard was the daughter of Edman and Melanie Cleupatra Howard and the youngest sister of Glaides the beautyand Brumilda the pesant. The second eldest sister Brumilda married a greek god named Erros Deloktumes he was ruler in all of Greek in the 18th century. Glaides got jealous, how can gods like Erros marry someone so ugly like Brumilda. One night Glaides did something very wrong, she killed Brumilda. Years past and Edman and Melanie Cleuptra are still trying to recover the heartache from their daughter which they have lost. But as years come and go so did the lovers of Glaides she finally married a roman emperor called Estus and ruled all of rome with him, but Estus was not worthy towards Glaides and she had him killed. For years she ruled Rome alone with no man standing by her side. She was renamed Calisto by the men that walked the grounds of Europe. She was giving that name for one reason and one reason only; she was the most beautiful of all. At the age of seventy five and sixty nine Edman and Melanie Cleupatra Howard  gave birth to their third child and they called her Melanie Mertal Howard the second. Nine years after Melanie was born her sister Calisto which has been ruling Rome for almost Forty-five years started to die. No doctor could find out what was wrong with her, but the real story behind it all is her new born sister killed her and not by a weapon of some sort, simply by the fact that Melanie was even more beautiful than Calisto herself, you see my boy Calisto feeds on beauty that’s how she staid young all those years, but as soon as Melanie was born she, she toked the beauty out of Calisto which left her drained out of power and made her ugly. So ugly that the people of Rome kicked her of the thrown and burned her to ashes. Legends say that one day she will return and take back what was stolen from her.”  


Chapter 5


I’m lost, lost in a world that just doesn’t scenes. Is the legend true or is it just a myth, a made up Greek ecology, which in some way is bind by truth. I can’t understand it no matter how hard I try. Could the figure which if seen standing next to Melanie Howard and the women singing to Cassandra, be the Greek goddess that died almost eighteen hundred years ago, is it possible that she came back from the died and are here to take back what truly belongs to hers.

Four pm on a Thursday morning. I’m awake I can’t sleep I’m listening to wind whispering as it flows thru the windows and lifting up the curtains. I hear another sound and it’s not the wind for it has stopped. It’s the same sound I heard five weeks ago, the same night when Melanie was trapped in the basement but this one sounds deferent it has a sharper tone to it, a mercy scream.  I got up and peeked my head out of the room. Looking left and right over the hallways. The sound is gone. I turned around and closed the door. Then I walked over to the window as I did something on the far end of the castle grounds caught my eye. It was a girl. Wearing white with blood dripping from her eyes, I ran down to the castle doors, I opened it and ran outside.

She was gone…….!


The same day an unpleasant and dreadful vibe walked the castle corridors, for the girl in the eighth grade Melanie Mertal was murdered. My mind is and over confused bomb waiting to explode.


Chapter 6

Dreamer of Lost dreams

Its midday and I`m sitting under a tree, reading. Voices come out from all over whispering in ears. “Are you scared… mmmmm you better be scared you little skank, don’t try to hide, don’t try to run, you better fear, your end is near!” I’m seeing double, I taste blood, suddenly something sliced thru my thought, everything is getting darker and darker, I feel woozy about to pass out, just before my mind is set shut I saw something creeping closer and closer its Calisto but she’s looking much more younger now. She`s smiling at me more grinning to say the least, next to her is, is, is Melanie Mertal, Melanie’s eyes are scratched out and her face is full blood. “Get away from me, now, get away!!!” I’m screaming. “shhhhtttt my pretty you will only feel my nails slicing you open that’s all.” She said. “uuuUUUUuuuuuGgggggg….” I screamed when I felt her nails slicing me open. “Please stop, please I beg you.” “Mr. Oxford”,”Please no”, “Mr. Oxford!!””What uuuu where am I?”

“In class!” professor Heilding said staring at me. “What no, Calisto where is she.” I said looking around, up and down the classroom. “WHO?” the professor said looking at me in an odd manner. “Calisto, you know the goddess of Greek, she’s here to kill us all.”

“Yes I know who she is my boy, and I’m afraid to say that you were only dreaming.” The professor said.





Chapter 7

Joker play

Everyone is laughing at me. “oooo NO… Calisto don’t kill me” they all joked as I held my head in shame walking the castle grounds.  But I can’t believe that it was a dream. Melanie is still very much alive. 

It’s 3pm schools almost over and the weekend is lying ahead. I can’t wait to go home. The bell has finally ringed. Has I slowly walked down the steps Melanie Mertal stopped me. “Haai, Nevel Oxford right.” She said smiling. “I`m Melan…” “Melanie Mertal, I know”. I interrupted. “Walk with me” she insisted.

We walked down to the Great Anilopina gardens. “I heard you had a dream, a dream about me.” She said looking straight into my eyes. “Yes mmm I did.” “What was the dream about?” she asked. “Let’s just say it’s about history in the making.” I said trying to let go of the topic. I gazed at my watch, “Blimie is that the time, I’m sorry Melanie but I have to go. “ I said while I rushed back to castle.


Chapter 8


Nevel, Nevel Oxford…. You are, Death will get you, death will greet you, death will never fear you, you will feel the fear your end, end, end is near!! HHHHHHHHHHHHHUUU, my eyes opened another terrifying dream I thought to myself. “AAAAAA!!, Melanie what are you doing here.”

“I want to show you something” she said staring at me. “Come on”. She grabbed my hand and led me down stairs. “Melanie, what are we doing here?” I asked, my eyes gazing at the dungeon doors.

“You will see” she said smiling. We walked down to the bottom, she walked to the back end of the room,” Melanie this was where you… never mind it was just a dream” “This was where I what, where the black figure tried to kill me?” she said walking towards me. “How do you know that, no one ever said anything about a black figure.” I said slowly walking backwards as she came near. “Lucky guess”. She said and then she slipped out a knife and said. “Don’t run don’t scream you will only make it more fun for me.” I feel something breathing on my neck. I turn around it is the dark figure. Suddenly something went straight thru me, it felt like everything inside me just collapsed; it felt like something that cannot truly be explained.

As I fell to the floor, I gazed at Melanie walking slowly towards me the black figure disappeared; as she walked she slipped on a blood stain and fell full force to the ground. The knife puncksherd straight thru her stomach, she fell right beside me. Our eyes connected, and your minds lost. She looked at me and said “You better fear, the end is near”. My eyes closed.




Chapter 9

When history repeats

3 weeks later.

2 am. On a Thursday morning I’m still in the hospital, I hear footsteps running up and down the hallway, voices whispering and then it all vanished. Suddenly out of nowhere a petrifying sound came bursting out of the hospital walls…………..





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