Why was it not I?

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Well, this is my first submission on this site, as well as my first attempt at poetry. I'm not really too sure on what to put here, so what the hell. I tried to incorporate the jumbled mess that compile our emotions, particular with love and romance, into a sort of narrative, or a sort of confession. I'm not too sure where I thought I was going with this, and I'm not too sure how to explain it either. Just give it a shot, though, It's not too bad.

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



Was it not I,
With whom you promised?
Was it not I,
Whom you've protected?
Why is it, then, that you reject me?
Why is it, then, that you dare not hold me?
Why is it, then, that you say you hate me?
Why is it, then, that you look at me with this look,
With a confusion which I have not seen once on your face.
Why is it, then, that you pull me, slowely, towards you,
And you wipe away my tears?
Such signals you emit,
They conflict.
Such feelings you invoke,
They provoke.
Tell me, please,
Be honest with me, please,
I am on my knees,
As I beg of you.
Please, may it be I who holds your heart.
For I have felt for you,
Love, so true,
For I can not stand us be apart.
Please, may it be to I who posess your love.
For I would return your love,
Though I am undeserving of,
For so long as I breathe,
I shall forever,
And always,

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