Mr gallows

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Submitted: April 29, 2011

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Submitted: April 29, 2011



“wake up master, it’s a new day.” The servant said, gently shaking my arm.I open my eyes to see a growing smile.“What’s the occasion?” I said with a long sigh.“ it’s a Sunday sir, you must get ready for church.”I rise up from bed to get my Sunday suit on.


I start my way down to the market to get a fresh apple. “good morning Mr. gallows.” The shop keeper said with great enthusiasm .“Morning.”


I start my way to St. James cathedral, When I notice a carious movement in the lot next to the church as I make my way to the black mass I notice a young orphaned child lying in the gutter, I bind down to nudge the lifeless body when all of the sudden I hear.“Stop, Don’t move!!”


I wake up to a rioting crowd and a rope being placed over my head and tightened around my neck.“Any last words Mr. Gallows?”“Yes…. Its not the gallows that kills a man, it’s the irony in time and fate..”The crowd falls silent as the gallows fall.?

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