Under the tree of eden

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a mans greed

Submitted: April 29, 2011

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Submitted: April 29, 2011



There once was a man who was greedy, and the woman loved compassion.

One night the greedy man came upon the compassionate woman and spoke of

sin and life the woman replied "You are ones love whom i fallen for your honesty shows"

 Greed said with no thought. "Your compassion moves me far from sin." greed lied about his love for compassion. the

next night greed walked the forest to stumble upon a snakes grin the snaked clutched a branch and hissed with mouth wide

open your greed for human lust will kill you if you lie once more you shall pay. greed meets up with the woman once more

as she asks do you love me? the man stood there and said " My love for you is as strong as the abyss thirst for light, I hold your heart on the highest of alters." years pass and they have a son. greed stole from compassion and her family and struck his wife, he walked the forest once again to find his family under the snakes grin, as it hisses. "Your greed brought them down and i took there souls, i have seen greedy men before but by far you are the greediest of the me." The snake struck at greed and took his sight taste and touch.

"Now live." said the snake

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