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soemtimes we loose track of what really matters the most.

Submitted: November 28, 2007

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Submitted: November 28, 2007



Somehow we never know the worth of our family until their gone. We always take for granite what we have. Not thinking that some time, sometime that we are lucky to have what we have in the first place. Sometimes when we look back we have something that most people would die to have. Like our parents, brothers, sisters, family and friends. Some of us take that for granite, but what we don't know is that we have something more than what some people have. We never think of those type of things only what we need. We love them with all our heart but sometimes we use them to just get what we want, then we leave...never saying sorry for what I did. Just leaving, in the same breath we came with. To all of you that never tell your parents that you love them, or just never time have the time to talk to them. I will say this to you, take every minute that you have and use wisely. Take the family you were given and never let them go. Say I love you tell the end. Just because they have never done everything that you want them to do, they are your family, and you should love them unconditionally. Some day they might not be there anymore, to say I love you to...say i will always be with you even after your gone. Some how I lost track of what really matter the most to family. I have loved you guys from the beganing and I will love you tell the end.

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