The Farther You Could Have Been

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My father when I was born he was always being mean to my brother, mom, and me. I wasn't old enough to know him but I have always hated him.

Submitted: November 01, 2007

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Submitted: November 01, 2007



We could have never have been so close to one another but now your gone and I will never know what you were like and who you were…but all that matters is that I will never have to meet or see your ugly face and see what you would have looked liked. Sometimes I think about all the things that we could have had in common but looking back I’m glad that I don’t know what they were. People tell me that you were a cypopath and maybe they were right…but I will never know. Sometimes things could have never got so bad when I needed a dad, not a grandpa. Someone that I could have called dad that I could have ran to when times got bad. I could have called you dad, but you would have got really mad. To you I was never anything or anyone; I was the mistake that you had. That is ok with me because I don’t want you either. All I would have done is disappoint you. You see because no one is right but that is not what you would have thought or said. You would have always been mean to my brother and me. He is now in collage but that is none of your business you see because you only wanted us to hurt us. I remember the day in court that you never showed and never called, wait I forgot you never called in the first place. You never came by and even said hi, you might have drove past but you know what. I don’t need you I have my family I don’t even know why I wanted to get to know you. That would have been a mistake but I will never have to worry about that because you are gone. No tears are being shed because you’re dead. Just because I even thought about you and you’re stupid ugly face doesn’t mean anything. I might never get to know you or the rest of my long lost family because I don’t want too. I just might have wanted to meet you I guess. That would have been wrong though because in the end I would have hated myself for even saying hi to you. This is the end of me ever wanting to find what you looked like, ever wanting to say hi. The end of everything because now your gone and I now I know what to do. Just say goodbye to you for the rest of my life. This is the end of my every wanting to meet you. I have my family and they will always be there for me. Goodbye to you!!!

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