Love Waits For You

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An epic tale of a Knights quest for revenge against his lovers murderers.

Submitted: February 04, 2007

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Submitted: February 04, 2007



I kneel before your image
Cast of marble and of stone
I kneel here almost every night
And mourn for you alone.

And though your image fades
And the marble is quite worn
I still can see your beauty
Residing in this form.

For once I was a warrior
With shield and sword I'd ride
And vanquish all that dared
To keep me from your side.

And you would sit and wait for me
And pray my love was true
Those prayers would carry me on home
And lead me back to you.

But one night was much darker
Than any I have seen
And in the darkest dungeons
That ever I have been

I came across a seer
Who told me of a plan
To seek to strike a vengeance
Upon your loving man.

The target of their cruel intent
Was closest to my heart
For they did seek to kill my love
Whilst we were apart.

On horse I did at once depart
And rode throughout the night
Until at last I reached our home
And looking saw your light.

I raced up stairs to find you
Lying on the ground
With ripped and bloody clothing
And death was all around.

From that day forward I searched the land
For those who caused you pain
And though I search both day and night
My search ‘twas all in vain.

But now I'm old and weak and frail
And can no longer search
And when at last I staggered home
I did rest within a church.

The verger there, he saw my state
And heard my every thought
And when I'd washed and warmed myself
A lesson I was taught.

'Be brave my son, for you have lost
The love that you had got
And though you searched the world my son
There's one place you have not.

For love is a most precious thing
No words are more so true
And though her body may be cold
Her soul still sings to you'.

'So listen careful as you can
For she is close to you'
And wait I did from that day on
And wait I still shall do.

So I kneel here ‘most every night
And mourn for you alone
And kneel before your image
Cast of marble and of stone.

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