The Death Of Lizbeth (The Vampire Rose: Part One)

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An unfortunate woman falls foul to the influence of a vampire, this poem follows her descent into darkness.

Submitted: January 15, 2007

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Submitted: January 15, 2007



The Death Of Lizbeth

(The Vampire Rose: Part One)

‘Twas moonlit night and stars were out,

When Lizbeth fell from grace,

By daemon's hands he made her fall,

And to the dark embrace.

Though sweet as she and pure of heart,

The daemon's curse befell.

The angel's wept at Lizbeth's plight,

As she entered into hell.

‘Gaiman San' ‘twas daemon's name,

That ended Lizbeth's life,

With razor fang and lizard tongue

And cursed serrated knife

With vain intent and vast desire,

He sought to make Beth his,

And under glow of silver moon,

To partake a vampire's kiss.

Hypnotic call did drift upon,

The cool breeze on that night,

And did cause Beth to stir and leave,

To Gaiman San's delight.

She wandered lonely in a trance,

To where Daemon did wait.

His spell was strong and she too weak,

To ease her bloody fate.

Her death was long and brutal,

The blood did flow and spread,

O'er all the roses there within,

Til every one was red.

And the garden black in shadow,

And bloody red in death,

Twas Lizbeth's final resting place,

It bore her final breath.

Gaiman San had done his deed,

And had his vicious fun,

And left Beth's body on the ground,

To show all what he'd done.

He would return at set of day,

To wake his midnight wife,

And show her wonders never seen,

By one of mortal life.

When first light broke, the Lord did see,

His bride was not lain near,

Up at once with dog and men,

For Beth's safety he did fear.

Searching stable, cellar and house,

With nothing to declare.

Lizbeth not one to stray,

She must be here somewhere.

One man calls from garden bed,

The sight of death most foul,

Yet Lizbeth's beauty still remained,

But now dead upon the ground.

The lord did mourn this loss of his,

His heart no prayers could heal,

But unbeknownst to that poor man,

A dark truth would soon reveal.

Gaiman San had touched her soul,

And drunk of her sweet scent.

She couldn't stand against his force,

Nor cease her dark descent.

Mix of nature, life and death,

Such union never seen.

In sick and evil rape's embrace,

He had claimed her for his queen.

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