The Deceiver

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

The future has been turned into a dystopian world where the government is corrupt and is built on lies and secrets. Kali is a seventeen year old girl who is sent into the future as a deceiver posed as a student at a prestigious boarding school that is connected to future worlds most important buildings. She has been trained her whole life to follow by the rules of the government and blend in with the others. But when she starts to break one of the most important rules, to not make any close relations with another student, she starts to let other rules slip as well causing leads for the society to find out the deceivers had come back.

Table of Contents


            T... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

  In an instant the light around me fades and I am suddenly in a room. I look all around me and I first noti... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

    I awoke the next morning to a loud bell. I looked around to see what time it is, but for the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

“What are these people to you, Kali?” Robert asks staring at me intently. “Ba... Read Chapter