Medusa- The Original Crazy Mofo

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About my character Medusa

Submitted: August 02, 2008

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Submitted: August 02, 2008



She pulled on her pajamas. Black, as usual. took out her pigtails, also black. Climbed into bed, and waited for Momma.

check again daddy hes way under there keep looking

That was what happened,not that long ago. She made Momma forget it. But it would matter if she found out tonight,

There she came, up the stairs (she had to go through Medusa's to get to her's) drunk. (Surprise, surprise!)


No answer.

"Mommy, can you see if he's really not there?"

"I told ya before, kid, and I'm not...telling ya again...There ain't no fuckin' m-"

"Well, maybe he came back..."

just look under the bed!

"Jesus Christ! You're one disturbed kid."

She got down on the floor to look under her daughter's bed.

"Fwum -fwum" Medusa muttered.

In a flash, the monster appeared, lifting and tilting the bed.

As Daddy had done, Momma tried to run away, but the beast grabbed her ankles with its razor claws and pulled her under.

Medusa couldn't see what was happening under the bed. In seconds,

blood flew from under the bed and filled the walls like red paint.

The monster emmerged from underneath and the blood dissapeared.

Medusa went to the beast and wrapped it in an embrace. It was her only friend it the world. She loved it.

I stood on hind legs, had giant horns and claws and filled half the room. Its skin was a scaly green color.

It held out one of its claws, covered in blood. Just like any other time, it let her lick the blood off. she was careful not to lick the tip of it.

It was nameless, "Fwum-Fwum" was simply something to summon it.

"Good boy." she crooned to her pet and sent it back under her bed.

She went to sleep, feeling proud of herself.

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