Claire's Beginning

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Claire Danvers is your all around normal teenager who is smarter than most of the kidsher age and some older. She goes to school at TPU and finds the truth about her new home and the enmies she will make...

Submitted: May 04, 2010

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Submitted: May 04, 2010



Growing up as a smart student is okay, but not when it means you are 16 and are now attending college in a town you have never heard of. It is not even the college I want to attend to, but my mom wants to me to be close to home. Morganville, Texas never heard of it and personally I do not want to. I just want to go to MIT, but I cannot. So here I am packing my bags and hoping I’m not much of a freak to the new people I will meet. I am spending the last of my days at home and then I will be away from my parents and my friend. I will be all alone for once, which is a little scary, but I’ll be fine.

 “Claire, dinner is ready!” my mother yelled from the kitchen

“Coming.” I yelled back

I walked down the stairs to the kitchen to find my dad already at the dining room waiting for the food. I went into the kitchen to get the drinks for us because I know my mom will ask for help anyway. As I walked into the kitchen I officially saw what we were having for dinner and I did not like it; it was stuffed peppers. My mom thinks that I like it, but I don’t. It is hard to tell her I am still her underage, innocent teenage daughter and I cannot break my moms heart.
“Hi, sweetie. We’re having stuffed peppers, your favorite.” She said as I grabbed the drinks from the fridge.
Yuck. “Yeah, Cannot wait. I’ll take these out to the table.” I said trying not to show my disgust for the food in front of my mom. She followed me to the table and we sat down. We are not the brady bunch type of family, but we do care for each other.
"Well tomorrow you will be leaving us. Are you excited sweetie?" asked my mom trying not to cry. Even though I will still be closer to home then MIT is she still doesnot want me that far, but it was bound to happen someday. I just hope I will survive and atleast make friends. It is not easy for me since I am a genious (or that's what everyone else says).
"Yes, I am happy to start college, but I am a little scared. What if I do not make any friends or the people there are smarter than me?" I asked  now scared. I mean i should not be, but I'm going to college and if you think High School is difficult try being me going to college at the age of 16. Oh well, I can always try to make friends right?
"Oh, honey don't worry. You'll be just fine. I'm sure everyone will like you." she said to me. With a stern look my father looked and me and nodded an agreement. He would prefer I go to MIT, but my mom just doesn'y think I am ready for a college that big. Maybe she is right.
"Yeah, maybe your right." I quickly finished my dinner (even though I hated it so much) and cleaned my mess. I got up from my chair and headed to the kitchen to put the dirty dishes away. I usually have to wash them, but my mom figured she could do them since I won't be home much longer.
"I'm going upstairs to finish packing and then I think I'll just go to sleep." I announced to my mom and dad. They both just smiled and nodded. I ran upstairs and went into the bathroom to take a shower.
I was finally done packing and it was almost 1 in the morning. I opened up my door and poked my head out. I could hear my dad snoring and I knew my mom was probably asleep as well. So I walked the rest of the way out and went into our den. I sat on the couch and picked up the brochure for TPU and started to look at it again. It did look like a nice school, but I figured the school isn't as nice as it looks because it has been there since well I don't know when, but a long time. I was starting to get nervouse about leaving. I didn't know how it would turn out. I kept getting second thoughts. I just ignored them and went back upstairs. I had a big day today and I was going to be strong about being on my own for the first time in my life. When i got to my room I laid my head down on my pillow and before I knew it I fell asleep. I awoke to the morning light streaming in from my window. I looked at my alarm clock and it said 8:00 am. I didn't get the full eight hours of sleep, but I figured with some breakfast and coffee I would be awake before I left the house. I got out of bed and got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth and went down for breakfast. When I walked down the stairs I was overcome by the smell of bacon and pancakes. It smelled really good.
"Hurry up and eat honey. We've got a drive and I don't want you to be late for dorm assignments today." my mom saidwith a little to much emotion. It was sad and happy, but there was also something else in her voice, but I didn't know what it was; so I ignored it. I finished my breakfast and we loaded the car with all of my things and we headed out for TPU.  My mom told me in the car that her and dad couldn't stay that long. They would just drop me off at the border and I would be on my own. I was scared to be seperated from them, but I was also a little excited. They dropped me off at the border and watched me get on the bus. I sat in the front. We arrived at TPU and i stepped out; The driver gave me my luggage. I went to the main office and they gave me my dorm room. They said I was in Howard hall room 412. I arrived at the dorm and saw that i was by myself. No room mate, nothing. I set up and organized my room the way i wanted to. I grabbed my backpack and headed for class. Just a note they don't care when you arrive, but if you do arrive early go to school. There is nothing else to really do.
I was walking out of my class and I bumped into a girl.
"Watch it, Bitch." the girl said
"Sorry, I'm just tring to get to my class." i said
"I don't care if you have to meet the founder. You bump in to me again and you are dead. Got me nerd."
I just shook my head and ran off. I heard them laughing in the background, but I just wanted to get back to my dorm and stay safe. Later did i realize that the girl I messed with was Monica Morrell; the mayor's daughter. I didn't realize it at the time, but she would be the one to cause all of my injuries and get me to feel scared of this town. Sike. She is only one problem there are much more to go.

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