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More REKEAUXIAN FOLKLORE; Flash Fiction about an ill-fated, interracial romance.

Submitted: November 28, 2015

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Submitted: November 28, 2015




(An Epic Finale’)


Rekeaux Nyte


...Please, loyal readers, once more lend me your ear. I’ve got a racial saga I’ll like for you to hear. It’s something that happened to me once upon a time, an evil tale of hatred that I’ve spun into a rhyme…


Whenever I’m drinking Eucalyptus tea, I wonder if her dad ever thinks of me.

“Yes, Eucalyptus tea was the only thing she’d drink,” I thought to myself as it poured down the sink.

Maggie Yoshimoto is to whom she went by and every time I think of her I break down and cry; for ours was a love that should have last forever. But, everything turned tragic in spite of our endeavors.

It happened in New Jersey a long time ago, where I met this lovely lady while at the picture show. She was with some crazy guy that we’ll call, ‘Kincaid.' He claimed he hated the movie but for some strange reason he stayed.

Her face was so gorgeous like her long hair; her body looked so yummy; I couldn’t help but stare. But ‘what’s his name’ kept fussing and it made her feel quite sad. The whole thing was uncalled for and for her I felt real bad.

Then, before the show ended something bad came about; he slapped her in the face, and she started to pout. He told her to shut up, or he’d give her a reason to cry. I whispered to myself, “Oh boy; another macho guy!”

Then turning around to look at me he told me to drop dead. I warned him to shut up, or he’d regret what he’d just said. So when he jumped up, I knocked him back down and laughter and applauded thundered all around. We then began to rumble all over the isle, and there I showed off my pugilist style.

A right uppercut and a hook to the gut, then a straight left made him fall on his butt. But the ushers came to make us all leave, and that’s when the poor lady began to grieve. She told me there’s no way she could go home with him, or before they’d get there, the beating would be grim.

“Shut your mouth!” He yelled at her. “Get in the damn car now!”  

I yelled right back as I attacked, “I’m going to knock you down!”

Then up against the car his body went flying. He fell to the ground as if he were dying. I then said to Maggie, “Just tell me where you live, then straight to your house a ride I will give.”

She paused for a second with a look of despair. Then gently she tossed back her long, pretty hair.  “O-Okay,” she whispered, “I-I live in Cherry Hill.”

I told him to get lost, or his blood would be spilled.

We jumped in my car and left for the ride. That’s when sweet Maggie started to cry. I smiled, “Please pretty lady don’t you be so blue.”

She whispered, “My name is Maggie, and I want to thank you…he’s a rich, spoiled brat who treats me bad. But I can’t leave him because of my dad (he wants us to marry when Kincade graduates) two more years of law school is what we anticipate.”

“But how can you let him treat you so bad? Your life will be painful, lonely and sad!”

She snapped, “He’s not that bad, and he’s not all that mean. It’s just that in public he likes to make a scene!” I knew she was still loyal from the things that she’d just said. But I could tell the things she said were merely brainwashed in her head. So, after some joking, I got to see her smile and instead of going home she chose to talk a while. We took a little drive then stopping at the lake, with my devastating charm her breath I tried to take. I mentioned how wonderful the world would be if she were to spend more time with me. I threw in some poetry that put her in a daze. Like, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

So, before I was through she was happy again. She even talked of leaving her evil boyfriend. I told her, “Hey, babe if it’s okay with, you I’d like to be the next guy whose arms you run to.” Gazing at me with an adorable smile, she blushed, and she whispered, “Let’s wait for a while.” She gently clenched my face and gave me a kiss. Then, the mid-night whether starting getting brisk. So, I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight; we stared at the stars in the still of the night. But soon it was time for me to take her back (for we knew her dad would wonder where she was at). So we jumped in my car and drove down the street. She said, “I’ll call you tomorrow, and then we’ll meet.”

I had to drop her off twenty doors away, for we knew dad would be watching and we knew what he’d say. She told me her father would never let her date me (because I was Black, simple as ABC). When she got out the car, I slowly drove behind her. Her dad was up the street; I guess trying to find her. So, I picked up speed as I drove away; I went home to wait for her call the next day.




It took Maggie four days to call me again. She told me she couldn’t leave her crazy boyfriend. She muttered, “Kincaid told my dad everything that went on, and for leaving with you, I’ve been terribly scorned.” But she snuck to the phone just to talk to me. She asked me to meet her at a quarter past three.

So, I went back to the mall where at first we met. Sitting near the theater, I was starting to sweat. I had gotten anxious because I didn’t think she’d show, but after a few minutes I heard, “RICOOOO!”

I greeted sweet Maggie with a hug and a kiss. I knew I wasn’t supposed to, but I couldn’t resist, for in my arms she was as soft as a kitten; for she was every love song and poem I’d ever written. I took her out to lunch for a quarter ounce stake. Then we fooled around on a blanket near the lake. I guess one could say we had a strong attraction, for within those few hours we both got satisfaction.

The next few weeks we had to sneak around. We even had to meet each other in another town. Yes, Maggie had become my secret girlfriend, (but like all good things, it came to an end). You see, her dad had a feeling she was seeing me, but he vowed to Kincade that together they would be. It happened on the 12th of June when he made a grave mistake. While Maggie and I walked through the mall my life, he tried to take.  

We stopped to get some ice cream from the local custard stand and then we saw her father with a pistol in his hand. I thought he fired two shots, but the cops said it was three. All I do remember was she stepped in front of me. The next thing I knew the guards threw him to the ground while in my arms sweet Maggie laid…without a single sound.

He killed his daughter; by mistake she was dead. They said once in the stomach, and two went to her head. I, of course, was beside myself, because she died so needlessly. All because of racial hate she gave her life for me. The guilt I felt was beyond belief. For twelve whole months, I was stunned with grief. Every day for a year, in my room I would stay, and I still feel the pain and remorse to this day.

Now her father was arrested, but somehow now he’s free (and now I sit here wondering if he’ll ever come for me). But whatever happens now, no one was the winner. The only thing to come of it was me; THE MASTER YARN SPINNER!!!


© Copyright 2019 Rekeaux Nyte. All rights reserved.

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