Tuesday Knight (an epic Nightmare)

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more "Rekeauxian Folklore"; A casual encounter turns into the nightmare from hell.

Submitted: January 01, 2016

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Submitted: January 01, 2016




(An epic Nightmare)







Her name was Tuesday Knight, (I kid you not, that was her name).

Her hair hung past her derriere and was her claim to fame. You see, she was Arapaho, and DAMN was she a FOX?! Her dark brown eyes would hypnotize you through her gorgeous locks. And while all the while, her loving smile would put you in a daze; her soft, sweet face only took second place to her loving and tender ways.

Now, I met Tuesday Knight on a Tuesday afternoon, while walking through the park on a breezy day in June. I was sitting near the lake when she happened to walk pass. I couldn't help but notice her soft and sexy... 'hair.'

I said, "Hello!" but to no reply. But I didn't bother to ask myself, why? (For I'd grown accustomed to that thing called, rejection). So I watched her walk by while enjoying my inspection.

Continuing her little stroll, she stopped near the lake. She fumbled with her skirt, which I'm sure was for my sake; and with hungry eyes, I watched anxiously (enjoying the show she put on for me).

Then, staring back at me, she asked for a tissue. I thought to myself, "Not unless you let me kiss you!" But of course, from my pocket I pulled my handkerchief; presenting it to her as if it were a gift.

"Thank you," she said, with an adorable smile.

I said, "You can thank me by chatting a while!"

Then, once more, she flashed that adorable grin, as she whispered softly, "Well, where should I begin?"

"Start with your name," I 'pimp-ishly' said. She answered, "Tuesday Knight," as she tilted her head. I scoffed, "Awe, come on now; don't be mysterious!"

"My name is Tuesday Knight!" she growled, "And I'm totally serious!"

"You're name's Tuesday Knight? That's no joke or game?"

"I kid you not, Sir; YES! That's my name!"

"Well, okay then, Tuesday, just tell me one thing... would you like to run away with me, for an after dinner fling?"

She said, "Is that to imply that we'd go to dinner first?"

I said, "Hey, pretty lady you could do a lot worse."

"But you know nothing of me, and I know not who you are; like, are you like the type of guy I'd meet in a bar?"

"Oh no," I said, "I'm so much more! Of that, you can be sure. So please relax Miss Tuesday Knight, I'll tell you what's in stored."

She sat down beside me and crossed her legs neatly while staring at me ever so sweetly. I said, "Okay, Tuesday Knight, this is what we'll do... I'll pick you up at seven for an evening made for two. We'll start off with a drive past the local airport base. We'll jump in a balloon that will take us into space. And there between the stars and beneath the placid moon, I will serenade thee with a self-created tune..."

"...We'll also sip some wine as we watch the world below, I'll pick for you a star or two and wrap them in a bow. What next I have in stared you will have to wait and see. But please don't be alarmed, my dear because you're safe with me!"

"But, wait just a second," Tuesday whispered in my ear, "How can I be certain that you really are sincere? You've concocted such enchantment, and I may conspire... but something doesn't add up, and I feel I must inquire. Now, I may have misconstrued, so correct me if I'm wrong, but you've known me for an instant, yet you offer me a song??? And how can I accept from you a gift such as a star?"

I then replied, "Because I like the things you've said thus far! And if it's any indication of our future conversations, then without the aggravations, let's cut through the hesitations!"

"But, I could be a killer!" She said, "And you would never know!"

"Well, if I could die while in your arms then hey, I'm ready to go!"

"She scoffed, "You're starting to sound desperate, and I'm starting to beware." I shrugged, "Well there's no need for that, my dear, for I'm no one to fear. I'm just a special guy who feels he shouldn't be alone; I'm searching for a special girl that I can call my own." 

"She smiled, "That sounds okay with me, but we should take it slow; for there's a lot about me that perhaps you'd like to know."

"Well, okay, Tuesday lay it on me; tell me what's the problem. Throw me your dilemmas and I'll try my best to solve them!"

She laughed, "Okay, you win this time. I'll let you take me out. You are indeed a special guy, of this I have no doubt... but be careful what you wish for before it might come true; with that in mind, I hope you find something that pleases you."

Now, I didn't exactly understand where she was coming from; but I didn't want this pretty lady thinking I was dumb. We talked a few, more hours then I wrote down her address. I walked her to her car, and we both ended our quest.




Well, everything, that evening went just as I'd projected. We did encounter racism, but that, we both expected. Still, all else was perfect; there was magic in the air, (she let me run my fingers through her long and lovely hair). Then, while up in the hot-air balloon we passionately kissed by the light of the moon. So, when she invited me back to her place, I thought we'd fool around, then invade each other's space. But things didn't go just as I'd wanted... for little did I know, I was about to be hunted!

We were in each other's arms about to take it higher. Then, Tuesday said she had to change, so she would not perspire. So, she left the room, to change her clothes, (at least that's what I thought. But there was a different kind of "change" that dear, sweet, Tuesday sought. 

I don't know why, but suddenly I picked up bad vibrations. While sitting on the couch, I had an eerie revelation. Everything looked natural, but something wasn't right; for deep within the household deathly quiet became the night. Suddenly all the dogs in the neighborhood began to moan, in my mind, I heard the theme from the Twilight Zone.

I went to check on Tuesday, to be sure she was alright. But when I opened up the door, I beheld a wicked sight. There was Tuesday, half undressed and squirming on the floor. Her mouth and nose stretched from her face; hair sprouted from her pores. Then screeching howls of agony she then began to wail. Her hands and feet grew into paws; she even grew a tail!

I would not put you on, my friend! I would not lie to you. My date became a werewolf (so, of course, our date was through)! But then she stood upright, 500 pounds and 8-feet-tall! She shoved the dresser with one paw and smashed it through the wall!

Well, Hell, I may be horny, but I'm not a country fool! I slowly eased back out the door, (the epitome of cool). It seemed to me like Judgment day when I saw her transformation; I couldn't believe I saw a shape-shifting mutation!

I said, "I, I came to get you, but I see you're occupied. And my don't you look lovely, but it's time to say goodbye. She then began to chase me, and boy could that 'mutt' run. But like the popular Rap song I said, "Girl, I ain't the one!" 

As fast as she was running, I was running faster. But, when I stumbled on a rock, my fate was with disaster! My stride had been broken, and I tumbled to the ground. She grabbed me by the leg and on my back and on my leg began to pound. Then she turned me over, and she slapped me in the face, (which damn near took my head off) and she threw me into space.

I figured when I landed; I would then be pulverized... but I was lying near my bed when I opened up my eyes. "MY GOD!" I yelled, "It WAS ALL A DREAM! IT WAS JUST MY IMAGINATION!" But then something else intensified my growing mystification.

When I stepped into the bathroom to get myself a drink, I noticed that some blood was dripping down into the sink. I looked in the mirror to see where it was from and when I saw my face gashed up, my whole body grew numb.


....Well, that is the conclusion of the folklore that I’ve spun. But please don’t be alarmed by me for it was made for fun. It is NOT a symbolism of cannibalism, or mysticism; nor masochism or racism… not even transcendentalism. It’s merely something conjured from the windmills of my mind; and if you study close enough, you’ll find it quite benign.





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