Cross World: Crisis: Book I

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The fifth storyline of Cross World. The setting is on Earth in the 22th century and plunged into an intergalactic war with a supreme alien being called Ragnarok. Earth was also taken and assimilated into Ragnarok's nebula, Ouroboros. Its soldiers, Genocides, were all once other lifeforms that were mutated by Ragnarok's blood. When hope for Earth seemed lost after 9 years of war against Ragnarok, one young hero tries to make a dramatic change to relationships between humans and the Genocides. This story is the tale of Vincent C. Belmont and his actions in the Final Crisis Era.

Table of Contents

The World Begins at its End

Chapter I The World Begins at its End The planet Earth, dubbed as the home of the human inhabitants, the only living planet ... Read Chapter

The Hero will Appear

The Hero Will Appear In 2118 A.D. Earth had lost to Ragnarok ever since we entered the Ouroboros. After the five pillars, the Obel... Read Chapter


Fighting Combat Engaged: Three Class 5 Luparm(s) attacked the Planet Protector Leader The young man had to be careful not to s... Read Chapter

A Hero's Trust

A Hero’s Trust The time the young protagonist currently was in is still minutes away before the children were cornered by the... Read Chapter