Cross World: Odyssey: Book I

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This story is the second series to Cross World. The setting takes place after centuries of the first series, and planet was reborn into a completely new and different world after the first was destroyed. In this story, there's more technology but still some of magic that is involved. The story follows the events of these two sisters, and how they both want to support each other but in different ways. There are also some complicated events that happens and they both go through some adventure that ends up saving the planet.

Something like that, but some who've already read the story say this is kind of like the Hunger Games. Although I've never read that book, and I used some components of the game, Final Fantay XIII. I would like to make all these stories into video games.

Table of Contents

A Soldier’s True Heart: Pains of Childhood

Submitted: April 19, 2012

In the beginning, you start off the story by see this young girl carrying her little sister through a barren plain, and the younger sister haven't realized that her older sister had done something terrible. The older sister comes up with this plan to ensure that her sister will be safe and protected in a life she wants for her. Read Chapter

A Soldier’s True Heart: Becoming a Soldier

Submitted: June 21, 2012

In this part, Mira descided to becomes a soldier to provide for Lucy. They both arrived at the headquarter for the government enforcers where they meet a middle-aged black man who is willing to help. Then, Mira went along with one of the supervisor of the organization to give her application on becoming a SINS solder. Read Chapter

The Child of Lilith: What is SINS

Submitted: June 21, 2012

Now, the story is shifted to Lucy's side where she began to wonder why all of this was happening. She was then shocked by the trial that Mira had to take. Read Chapter

The Child of Lilith: The Sight of an Angel

Submitted: June 21, 2012

Lucy flashbacked to a very emotional point when see was younger and reflected on how Mira was there for her. After that, Mira's dangerous trial began while all Lucy could do was watch and prayed her sister would survived. But was the trial continued, Lucy saw a more darker side of her sister. Read Chapter