The Series (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel)

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A great book, at first I thought it was going no where but after I read tfirst 10 chapters I was amazed on how two ordinary teenagers could have suck an excelent adventure.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



It all starts in Book 1 of the series, The Alchemyst.

Two twins finally settle down after always moving with there parents discovering dinosaur fossils, into there grandma's house in San Francisco, California. As Josh Newman gets his first interview for his first job at a book store, his sister (Sophie) gets a job across the street at the caffee. The owners of both places are married, Perry and Nicholas Flamel. On a day of work, a strange man in a limo with wierd un-oridinary skin pulls up and starts a huge battle with Nick using magic balls out of there Aura. Then this guy called Dr. Dee kidnapps Pernell (Perry) and somehow josh and sophie newman are with the Alchemyst Nicholas Flamel going to Schathach's home to get her help for getty Perry back. They find out that Josh and Sophie are the twins of legend from the book of Abraham the mage. So they go to Hekates Shadow relm to awaken the twins powers. After strange events only Sophies powers get awakend. While out side Hekateshome (the World Tree) Bastet a cat headed woman, The Morgan a crow goddess and Dr.Deewith a bunch of cats and crows start a full on war with Hekates warriors to capture the twins of legend. Josh is freaking out the whole time. Somehow they all manage to escape whileHekate is attacking the Morgand and Bastet, out of nowhere Dee comes out and stabs the World Tree with Excaliber (The sword of legend).

After all that they go back to Ojai and talk to the witch of Endor (the originalwitch) and Scatchach's grandma. The witch gives sophie the magic of air and along with allof her memories.While that is happening Dee gets to talk with josh at trhe park across the street alone, and gets into the boys head. Then full out attacks them again. At the end of the fight the go into paris through a ley gate.

After many days in Paris, the great city of the eiffel tower. They meet up with one of Nicholases old apprentices.

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