the microbe plug

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

bharat is excited about his order of video game controller arriving , but he does not know what is waiting for him

Submitted: February 20, 2018

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Submitted: February 20, 2018



The microbe plug

By Sambhav Sankhla

A portal storybook  adventure


there comes a day when life

Turns into a weird mess .”


Chapter 1 : ever danced in the moonlight with microorganism ?


So hello everyone my name is bharat bam , and i have a story to tell maybe after you are done laughing at my name …….you done yet?

…… as i was saying i have a story brace your mind for some weird possibilities maybe ? Because story is going to test how much you could believe ?

So it all started that evening i was pretty pissed , because i loved playing minecraft but my accessories were limiting my skills , i needed a new controller , and there was one specifically for minecraft on one of  local online shops , so i broke my piggy bank and scooped a huge chunk out of my lifetime saving , and made the order.

And then i waited (the fun part has not came yet wait , you need to be patient while reading a story).


And the wait is over , my order was about to arrive today i was talking about it to one of my classmates monty about it and dong the bell rang , oh my happiness out of this world and i was more excited and my excitement level was over 9000

According to biology you run faster when being chased by a dog because of the adrenaline rush , apparently you are faster when you are chasing your dream. I was chasing one .

I entered my house and then sat on the couch of hall just waiting , barely half an hour later the door bell rang , never had the ding dong sounded so melodious before. As the delivery guy handed me the pakage i could hear  angels sing , gods showering rose petals on me , gently opened the pckage and then the wraping and then the paper , tada!

“what the hell?” i shouted

“this” i shouted

“is” i shouted

“not “ i shouted

“my” i shouted

“gaming controller” i shouted.

there was some shitty wireless earphone .

When your excitement level is over 9000 and things don’t turn out as expected your dissapointment level is over 90000.

I spent the next two hours bitching about it , imagining myself punching the shop’s owner multiple times on his face , ringing the enquiry number a million times and writting a lengthy review on their website critisizing their crappy service ,but then i paused and layed my eyes on the earpiece for the first time , it looked uncannily weird . It had two or three cords connected to it , i took it and wore it on my ears (things are about to get weird) suddenly the cords springed out and sinked their pointy head in my forehead , it hurt like hell , then i felt a current or something .

Then i felt like something is trying to talk to me , and i let it soon i was covered in some white substance all over , it was both like a goop and a crystal , and then it tarted to suffocate me , it felt i was about to die so i wished my face was uncovered and it cleared itself from my face , then i imagined it clearing my body and it did , i realised it now , whatever this crazy earpiece was it was helping my brain to control these things , and if they could read my thpughts they surely are some kind of organisms , it took my brain  microseconds to make guess this were microorganisms

so i thought of experimenting a bit , i went into my room and imagined a ball n mid air and there was a white ball in mid air , then i imagined it turn into a hand it did , then an arrow , i could even move it around with my mind .

Now it was time to try something big , so i imagined hard every detail ,every curve and there i created a girl , i turned on the music , her dance moves was limited to my imagination so basically she was not that good of a dancer , but if i could do suçh things ,one thing was sure that life was going to get weird.

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